Insurance for vacant 5- unit

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Does anyone know of an insurance company that would insure a vacant 5 unit apartment building in western NY?
When I returned from Afghanistan every apartment was heavily damaged, so I evicted everyone and fired my PM.
I'm deploying again and don't have time, money or desire to fix the apartments until I get home from this deployment

Hi @Gregg Reinbold
Thank you for your service to our nation!

I cannot help with your insurance question, but let me know if you ever want to sell :)


I want to echo the thanks for your service.   The insurance for Vacant buildings has been getting better in terms of the number of companies offering it and the coverage available.  You should look to an independent agent who handles commercial insurance (personal policies will only go up to 4 families in most companies).  They should shop it around (including specialty or excess markets).  A couple of companies that may offer coverage are USLI, Foremost, & American Modern (not sure if they all will do the 5 families).  Review the offerings carefully as the coverage offered could vary from very basic to near standard policy type coverage.   Good luck and please post if you have more questions.

@Benjamin Burket , I hope to retire from the military in 18 months and convert the building into a X-Large single family and live there myself. 

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