Looking for Homeowners Insurance Agent in the Chattanooga Area

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I am currently in the closing process of my first owner occupied duplex! I am currently in the process of choosing homeowners insurance policies, and I am having a bit of paralysis by analysis. I have done a good amount of research, and received a few general quotes from my lender, but I am still not quite comfortable to choose on my own (especially with my current quote premiums ranging from $700 to $1,600). 

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good homeowners insurance agent here in Chattanooga, TN to help me through the process?


Hey Tyler, congrats on your new purchase.  I have a insurance guy that I've used for a little while now. He's solid, honest, and always gives the best recommendations that I found among 5 brokers! 

Give me a couple minutes and I'll shoot his info over via private message.



I've been through half a dozen. Try Omar Nuñez from Farmers. Best rates by a good margin. 

Omar Nuñez, MBA
7022 Shallowford Rd Ste 3
Chattanooga, TN 

Google his contact info as BP won't allow it to be posted.