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Hi Everyone,

Long time reader rare poster here.


  • I am having a difficult time finding umbrella insurance for my property and I am hoping you all can help.

My Situation:

  • I currently own three duplexes in the Atlanta area and I rent my current residence in NYC.
  • My current three properties all have Rental Dwelling Insurance, not commercial.
  • I am looking to buy a fourth in the next 1-4 months.
  • One of my existing properties is in an LLC.
  • I do not have a car.

What I Tried:

  • I contacted State Farm, my current insurance provider, and they said as I do not have a car policy with them they cannot give an umbrella policy. (Sorta crazy I think.)
  • I tried a broker and according to his underwriters I would need a commercial policy for all the properties. (Which I had previously tried to put together but because two of the units are in my name I cannot do.) I also do not want to quit claim to an LLC as it will trigger the due on sale clause in my mortgages as they are traditional mortgages.

I am just hopping someone already lived through his issue and has some suggestions of an insurance company that cover me as I start to grow my portfolio my personal risk is growing which I would of course like to avoid.

Thanks for all the help!

I ran into a similar problem. We have some properties in an LLC and others in our names. I specifically recall that SafeCo wouldn't even quote an umbrella policy unless we had their overpriced auto (and maybe home too!) insurance. It took me a few phone calls, but found a broker who would do it. We ended up not getting the coverage (though we really should). I suspect you'll get some solid answers and I look forward to reading them.


There is a market for your situation.  The website is  You need to work with an Agent.  There should be a list of agents on their site.  If not PM me and I will find out.  We have used them for many years.  They have a Personal & a Commercial Umbrella (depends on number of units you have and size of the properties to tell which is correct for you).   I checked their website and they write in both NC and NY.  Good luck

United States Liability Insurance Company

I went through an agent for a personal umbrella policy, just had to list all my owned properties (in any names) and they wanted to make sure I had insurance on them, this would cover above and beyond the $500K I have on each property, I got a few Mil policy, expensive, but nice to have POM

Thanks everyone! Very helpful, will try soon and let you know if it doesn't workout for whatever reason.

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