Good Rates? Tulsa or Broken Arrow Oklahoma Insurance Company

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I recently purchased and BRRR 4plex in Tulsa. I got an Insurance policy for it and they said to send them pics of Front, Back, Breaker Box (each apartment) and Service Entry. I emailed the pics and made my first months payment. Then I got a letter in the mail today saying that they are discontinuing my coverage in March because they did not receive pics and because of something to do with an old claim from 2 years ago with previous owner. Really weird and I don't know why they could call me first. Anyways I'm trying to get this figured out because I feel like I had a decent rate with them. But if it doesn't work out , does anyone in Tulsa or Broken Arrow have a insurance agent they can recommend. I'd prefer someone that gets the investment side of things.


Hey @Rick Martinez sorry to hear about your insurance provider. I have a guy that offers insurance all over Oklahoma that has been able to serve my investors on multiple rental properties very efficiently. His name is Damon Hamons and he is with All American Insurance Services ( I will send you a direct message with his contact information.

Thank you sir! I will look him up

Thanks @Wougi Heap of Birds I just spoke to Damon seemed like a nice guy... now awaiting my quotes. 

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