Hi guys,

I have a question for you: I have an insurance on my fourplex in Pennsylvania, and it is a business (commercial) coverage, I think its 1 mln in liability (I am not super smart when it comes to insurance language, so I hope I am conveying it all correctly)

Fourplex is in my name, so the insurance policy is in my name.

I opened a land trust, (I am the beneficiary and I am the trustee), and was thinking of transferring the property into trust, but started to think: would not this transfer mess up my insurance policy?

Lets say something happens, an a tenant sues me, the property is in land trust, so technically its not in my name, but in the trust's name. But insurance policy is in my personal name... Then insurance can say: "Well, we are not going to cover anything because the property is not in your name but in trust name, but policy is in your name"

Am I understanding it correctly?

Thank you