Good landlord insurance carriers for San Antonio Texas?

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My current insurance carrier, ASI Lloyd, has been good but it's rising each year. It's getting to the point where it may be time to switch. But it seems for landlord insurance, there isn't as much options as homeowners insurance, options further reduced perhaps when looking for that for property in Texas.

I was wondering what might be good insurance carriers to inquire for landlord insurance covering properties in (San Antonio) Texas, that give good coverage at really good price. I'd like to keep my insurance costs down for rental property.

@David Luu I've found in Texas there are a number of competitive carriers for investors to take advantage of.  The clients I have in the state vary between carrier between portfolio size and portfolio bundle. 

Thanks for the response Matt. For a portfolio size of just one property, are there carriers you can suggest I look into? When I last did the quotes, only 1-2 came competitively close, but my primary insurer I am still with was still the best.

It would be nice to be able to go to some place or site and be able to get quotes from various carriers with respect to landlord insurance - that's more common with homeowner insurance. As a novice rental property owner, I've just been doing it the simple way of checking out the major well known brand carriers (for general & homeowner insurance), and some niche ones via insurance agents in San Antonio. I'm a bit concerned that I might be missing out on the niche ones that offer good deals but are harder to find or know about where you have to encounter the right insurance agent/agency.

I'm also assuming for landlords (in Texas at least), the typical property insurance to get is "Dwelling Property"  (Type 3 or DP 3) insurance? Which is what I currently have.

I have a great agent I can recommend.  He carries American National insurance but can insure with other carriers when they don't meet AN's underwriting characteristics.  He's an investor too.  I'm not sure if I can plug someone on here so PM me if you'd like his info.

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