AirBnB Insurance for In-Law suite

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I searched for an answer to my question on the forums and online but was not satisfied with what I found (either unclear answers or several years old).

If I have an in-law suite in my basement, and I want to rent it out through Airbnb and potentially VRBO and others, am I not adequately protected by the AirBnB Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance?

I feel like I am reading that you really need an additional policy that is designed for short term rentals (I know that my homeowners policy will not cover any STR related claims), but why is that the case if I have the AirBnB insurance at my disposal? Is it simply an issue of people not feeling comfortable with the liability limits provided by AirBnB?

What am I missing?

If I do need an additional policy, is Proper still the top recommendation for this situation?

@Susie S. Perhaps a silly question, but can I get the rider from a different provider then I get my homeowners policy from?

I ask because I’m looking at lemonade for homeowners, and they are way cheaper than other for similar coverage, but they don’t support AirBnB right now.

Also, I think a part of the original question was not quite answered: do I NEED the additional coverage, or is Airbnb’s coverage going to be sufficient, or is this just a question of risk tolerance?

Thank you!

The airbnb host guarantee is only worth relying on if you have nothing to lose. Get an insurance policy that will cover you for STR. There are only a few companies that offer this type of coverage.