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March 9, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 146: 7 Ways to Get Your Offer Accepted in a Hot Market by Connor Anderson

Despite the fact we’re officially in a recession, a number of U.S. housing markets remain red hot. Some are even hotter than they have ever been before! The reason? A low number of properties are b ... show more

March 8, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 145: How to Take Control of Market Appreciation with Your First Home Purchase by Scott Trench & Mindy Jensen

If you bought a house for $200,000 and it’s worth $300,000 the next year, it has appreciated. By a lot. You should be appreciative of that appreciation. “Appreciation” itself is a very general term, ... show more

March 7, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 144: 5 Reasons To Wait To Negotiate Until After the Home Inspection by Erin Helle

For some reason, new (and wannabe) investors think that negotiating is really hard. And while I don't disagree with them, real estate negotiations, in my opinion, are simple and straightforward. That' ... show more

March 6, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 143: Note Investing: How To Find & Finance Real Estate Mortgage Notes by Scott Smith

Buying performing or non-performing mortgage notes is an enjoyable alternative to, and in some ways, a natural expansion of, hard real estate investment. I’ll quickly explain what performing and non-p ... show more

March 5, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 142: 8 Reasons the Best Landlords Always E-Sign Rental Agreements by Remen Okoruwa

Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, switching to e-signatures can be a daunting process. There is something about a physical signature on a piece of paper that seems more reassuring, more binding. H ... show more

March 4, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 141: Should You Buy Properties With Back Taxes or Liens? by Engelo Rumora

I’m going to start this article by saying there is nothing wrong with any piece of real estate as long as the price is right. Now, you’ve probably heard me say this many times, but I’m going to rei ... show more

March 3, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 140: 4 Golden Rules of Real Estate Investing by Jeff Brown

Previously, I wrote about the cartoonishly low interest rates we’re currently loving. In this post, let’s explore what we might do with the tax-free cash we just took out of our home and/or investment ... show more

March 2, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 139: The 5 Best Places to Raise a Family in the U.S. by BiggerPockets

Raising a family in 2020 was more difficult than in years past. Parents had to balance working from home with general day-to-day household tasks, as well as help their children adjust to remote learni ... show more

March 1, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 138: How Much Do You Need To Save for Your First Investment Property? by Whitney Hutten

You have discovered the power of real estate. Capital preservation, cash flow, appreciation, tax benefits—all words that are music to your ears. And you are ready to dive in! Then you check your bank ... show more

February 28, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 137: Investing for Equity vs. Cash Flow: Which Is More Important? by Andrew Syrios

What should be the primary goal of a buy and hold real estate investor: equity or cash flow? And by “equity,” I primarily mean built-in equity (i.e., buying properties under market value). Of cou ... show more

February 27, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 136: 4 Key Lessons Learned From Investing in Mobile Homes by Paul Moore

Do you dare invest in mobile home parks? If not… why not? Mobile home parks, aka manufactured housing communities, are among the most stable and profitable asset classes in America. And unlike m ... show more

February 26, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 135: Sorry, But Cash Flow Alone Probably Won’t Make You Rich: Here’s Why by Ben Leybovich

Almost nothing is what it seems in real estate. This is nowhere more apparent than in income-producing real estate. The entire premise of rentals is not what it seems. Now, I know that you don’t en ... show more

February 25, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 134: Why Some People Will Never Succeed (& Others Always Will) by Steve Rozenberg

What is the number one reason that some people succeed and others don’t, in any economy and in any environment? We are going to dig deep into this question. We all know many people who, in multiple ... show more

February 24, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 133: Thinking Beyond Cash Flow: 3 Underappreciated Real Estate Wealth-Builders by Matt DeBoth

No one buys rental properties or invests in real estate to lose money. Losing money should never be a goal for any investor in any asset class. Although we are in a very different economy than we were ... show more

February 23, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 132: Investing in Real Estate Mortgage Notes: How to Earn Passive Income Without Tenants or Toilets by Scott Smith

Welcome to the exciting world of real estate note investing! While you might think that I’m being sarcastic, please note that I’m 100% serious. Investing in real estate notes is a unique alternative t ... show more

February 22, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 131: 6 Tips for Listing Your Rental Property Online by Remen Okoruwa

There is good news and bad news for landlords who are struggling to find tenants for vacant units. Thankfully, the bad news isn’t all that bad. But for your business to succeed, you will have to move ... show more

BiggerPockets Daily Podcast

BiggerPockets Daily Podcast

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