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Dmitriy Fomichenko's References

Dmitriy Fomichenko at Sense Financial is local to me. I have been to a number of his seminars (which I found useful) and he has answered a number of my questions. He has a good reputation and I know people who have been very happy with his services.

Dmitriy and his team at Sense Financial are knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. They made the process of setting up and administering my self-directed solo 401K easy and straightforward. I very much appreciate the freedom and control over my investments that I now have.

Relationship: Client - Self-Directed Solo 401K. Written 17 Dec 07:55

Working with Dmitriy was a great experience. I had the opportunity to present my experience in REI at a meeting designed to encourage youth involvement in REI.

More recently I had the opportunity to attend a meeting Dmitriy's company Sense Financial was hosting with a guest speaking about long term wealth and how to pass it to your heirs for generations. It was very thoughtful and really got me thinking about my future and my family's.

As for opening a self directed IRA or Solo 401k, there's nobody I'd trust more to handle mine.

Very knowledgeable and helpful answering client's questions.

I Enjoy working with Dmitriy and highly recommend his Solo 401k services.

Working with Dmitriy was a great experience. I highly recommend his Self Directed IRA services.

Dmitriy is a wonderful person and expert in the world of IRA investing. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Dmitriy (and ) have been great at helping me setup my solo401k and providing banking support contacts for moving some of my IRA monies into my solo401k with checkbook control to fund different investments. I totally recommend him and for setting up solo401k's.
At this point I'm looking at buying a couple of SFH to generate retirement income. I'm looking to having him guide me in the right direction. I'm new to this website but so far it looks like treasure box of good information.
Thanks Dmitriy for all the help and for showing me BiggerPockets.

Excellent! He is a very honest and knowledgeable person who was easy to deal with. I would recommend him to ALL!

Dmitriy helped me set up my solo 401K and explained several questions I had. I would highly recommend working with Dmitriy and his company, Sense Financial.

Working with Dmitriy, Minna and the Sense Financial team has been a great experience. They are extremely responsive, professional and eager to assist. They answered all my questions and made setting up my company's Solo 401k a simple and painless process. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Don Stocks
Nexus Equity, LLC

Relationship: Solo 401k Client. Written 12 Jan 13:36

I have used Sense Financial for 2 account setups. I have to say that while not cheap, certainly worthwhile. They made it easy and basically held my hand the whole way. I can see lots of areas where I would have become stuck or made a critical error in setting up and maintaining my Self Directed IRA's.
I really like the ongoing support I get and their patience with me.

I was originally going to go with someone else that was a bit cheaper, but I saw a few comments here on BP that gave me second thoughts about them. Dmitry was an active member here on BP and seemed really knowledgeable. In the end I went with him and am happy that I did. I would highly recommend him to anyone else. Saving a few bucks on something this important just isn't worth it.

Relationship: current client. Written 13 Jan 15:55

Dmitriy has demonstrated thorough knowledge of the Solo 401k product. He has been available and provided quick responses to any inquiries. His team (Minna specifically as it applies to me) has been the backbone of the service on my account and has performed superbly with great speed, service, and diligence! The Solo 401k product has met my needs from it so far. This team will aptly provide the service of your Solo 401k setup and be there to offer advice and help in getting your accounts setup and running!

Relationship: Solo 401k Client. Written 20 Feb 15:26

I have been very impressed by the professionalism of everyone at Sense Financial. They make sure that you are submitting the correct paperwork every step of the way.
Every time that I had a question or wasn't sure of how to complete my application, I received very prompt and excellent support.
I can't more highly recommend them for anyone looking to open a Solo 401k Trust.

Relationship: I am a client of Dmitriy's with his company, Sense Financial. Written 10 Apr 16:44

Dmitriy and his team helped me open Solo 401k plan. The process was easy and Dmitriy and his team answered any question that I had and made a very easy and positive experience.
I highly recommend Dmitriy and his services to anyone who is interested to open Solo 401k

Relationship: I'm a client of Dmitriy's company. Written 14 Apr 21:38

Dmitriy walked me painlessly through the process of creating a Solo 401k in Utah, using a local branch of a national bank. I would recommend him to anyone interested in creating this type of account.

Relationship: I am a client of Dmitriy and Sense Financial. Written 26 Apr 09:24

Sense Financial has done a terrific job educating me about the benefits of setting up a Self-Directed Retirement fund. The Sense team, and Dmitriy in particular, has gone out of his way to deliver exceptional service, before during and after setup. I'm very pleased with my decision and would highly recommend Dmitriy's team.

Relationship: Satisfied Customer. Written 06 May 15:34

Establishing my Solo 401k was incredibly easy with the assistance of Dmitriy and his team at Sense Financial.

I had a few questions (and so did my previous trustee). I had no problems getting the questions answered from both the team as well as from Dmitriy personally.

Relationship: Customer of Sense Financial. Written 23 Jul 19:49

I started a Solo 401K plan with Dmitriy's Sense Financial in 2015. It has been a great experience since then and the Solo 401k plan have been a wonderful tool . His site has wealth of resources to answer all your questions. Dmitriy himself is very responsive and will answer your questions in a short time frame. I highly recommend him for your Solo 401k plan needs.

Relationship: I am a Client. Written 22 Mar 09:19

I recently became a client of Sense Financial, Dmitriy's company. He has been extremely helpful to me in setting up a solo 401k with my business as the administrator. I had previously set up a solo 401k with another company that did not have my best interest in mind, and Dmitriy was empathic to my situation and very generous in helping me make the switch. He and his employees are progressional, kind, responsive, and great at providing clients with accurate and detailed information about retirement accounts.

Relationship: I am a client of Dmitriy's company. Written 18 Jan 19:08

The folks at Sense Financial are awesome. They helped me setup a Self Directed Solo 401K and an associated LLC. Without their help and guidance I would never have been able to create my real estate investing business structure. Their customer service is superior. Dmitriy and Minna are the best!!!!!

Relationship: Client of Dmitriy. Written 31 Mar 10:42

Dmitriy and his team are professionals in their field. As a former stockbroker, I can assure you a thorough understanding of self directed accounts - the area in which Sense Financial operates - is a rarity among financial professionals.

Their expertise in setting up self-directed accounts is extremely helpful and not something you will likely get from your current broker.

I definitely recommend working with them!

Relationship: I am a client of Sense Financial.. Written 23 Jun 09:12

I am extremely satisfied with Sense Financial. It is tough to find a reliable source to do a self directed IRA, I have read about them and heard about them in Real Estate Investing but did not know where to begin. I read all the comments on Bigger Pockets and found their responses well explained. The process was quicker and easier than expected. I talked to Dmitriy and he walked me through the steps. I am now using my account that they helped me set up often. All I have to say is Thank You. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family.

Relationship: I am a Customer. Written 02 Jun 11:44

Dmitriy and his staff were consummate professionals. I rolled my Solo 401 (k) into a Self Directed Solo 401 (k), and encountered some issues with the former holder of the funds. Dmitriy stepped into the conversation with the other facility and handled it smoothly and confidently. He connected me with a bank that offered the specific account I needed when I couldn't find one on my own, and most importantly, did everything he said he would, on time.

Relationship: Current Client. Written 04 Oct 11:44

Dmitriy helped me setup my Self-directed IRA with checkbook control! He's a subject matter expert on SDIRA. He promptly answered all my questions and discused pros and cons of available options. Reliable, trustworthy and pleasant to do business with. I highly recommend Dmitriy and Sense Financials!

Relationship: Business client. Written 31 Oct 22:13

I have worked with Sense Financial for over a year now. I chose them after reading many BiggerPockets blog posts indicating that they were one of a handful of good companies with whom to work. They definitely did not disappoint! I scheduled a meeting with Dimitri and he walked me through the idea and what I could and could not do. After my account was set up, the Sense Financial team was always just a phone call or email away. While at first I felt that I was constantly asking questions, they quickly came back and would point me to a FAQ or post where my question was answered. While my concerns have definitely been put to ease and I no longer rely on them for many other questions, I know that they are available whenever I need them.

Relationship: Client of Sense Financial. Written 19 Dec 13:11

Dmitriy and his team were great to work with. His staff will hold your hand with setting everything up and his educational material is easy to follow and thorough. I highly recommend SenseFinancial for your investing and Solo 401k needs.

Relationship: I am a SOLO 401k client. Written 08 Dec 10:00

Dmitriy and his team are true experts in what they do. They are so well-informed and provide excellent and ongoing guidance. In addition, they are super responsive - any questions I have are always answered quickly, without fail. So glad I found Dmitriy through BP!

Relationship: I am a client. Written 06 Jun 19:23

I was impressed with the information Dmitrity shares on Bigger Pockets and the reviews of his clients.
He helped me set up my Solo 401K. I had some questions and he responded right away.
The Sense Financial website has a lot of information and their customer service is top notch.
I highly recommend working with him.

Relationship: Solo 401K Client. Written 17 Aug 19:37

Dmitriy and the Sense Financial staff were exceptional to work with. Minna, my Senior Account Manager, went above and beyond in assuring a wonderful experience. I am grateful for her knowledge, attention to detail and attentiveness throughout the setup and funding processes.

Relationship: Client - Self-Directed Solo 401K. Written 28 Sep 13:30

When I landed on Dmitriy's BP home page and was about to leave a reference, I was astonished to see a significant number of recommendations already written by others. That is not surprising at all. Dmitriy and his team at Sense Financial strive to provide top notch services and make it a point to make their services as close to perfect as possible. I could not wish for better knowledge base and customer care than Sense Financial! Highly recommend Dmitriy & his team to anyone thinking of opening solo 401K or checkbook IRA accounts!

Relationship: Dmitriy and his company provided me with services with opening checkbook IRA account.. Written 02 Oct 19:56

I highly recommend hiring Dmitriy and Sense Financial for your Solo 401k or any other services. The service was outstanding.
Also, setting up my solo 401k was the best financial decision I've made this year.

Relationship: Business Consultant. Written 19 Oct 10:03

Dmitriy is a true professional. We have had a strategic partnership over the last 3 years with Sense Financial and it has been an amazing experience. I strongly recommend working with Dmitriy Fomichenko, you will not be disaapointed.

Relationship: We have set up more than 100 Self-Directed 401K plans for our clients with Dmitriy and his team. Written 07 Jan 21:45

Dmitriy and his staff, especially Minna, have been great to deal with. They quickly set up my solo 401k and have been very accessible with fast, concise answers to my questions. They are very knowledgeable and I highly recommend them!

Relationship: Solo 401k Client. Written 11 Jan 11:32

Both Dmitriy and Minna from Sense Financial were extremely helpful and guided me through the establishing of Self-Directed IRA plan with utmost care and professionalism. I pursued a very aggressive timeline and never once waited longer than a couple of minutes to get any question addressed in phone, text and email ! I highly recommend them for all your SDIRA and Solo 401(k) needs.

Relationship: Checkbook IRA Establishment Service Provider. Written 14 Aug 19:03

I was so impressed with Dmitriy's helpfulness in the BP forums and the way he offered assistance without "selling" himself or his services, and THAT is what sold me on him!

I chose him and his company to help me set up my Solo 401K, and it has been a great financial benefit to me ever since.

Dmitriy is accessible, knowledgeable, and a great professional resource. I highly recommend him and his company.

Relationship: Client. Written 28 May 15:44

My experience with Sense financial was very pleasant as they helped me set up my self directed IRA. Dmitriy and Minna did a good job of helping me understand the steps of the process. I would gladly recommend Sense financial to anyone looking to start a self directed IRA.

Relationship: Client. Written 03 Jan 15:11

I just finished signing up for my Solo 401k account with Sense Financial. The service was incredible. As a business owner myself, I wish more people would leave positive reviews just as quickly as they would leave a negative review. This one is well deserved.

Dmitriy talked me through opening the account on Christmas Day. He didn't have to and I didn't ask him to. He was happy to. He has basically held my hand throughout the entire process in order to get this account set up in time. As many of you know, a Solo 401k must be set up and contributed to before the end of the year. We didn't have much time to work with, especially with the holidays. But we did it. My account is now open with Solera Bank and my account is funded.

I don't know if they have the best pricing but good luck finding better customer service.

Thank you, Dmitriy and Sense Financial.

Relationship: Client . Written 03 Jan 17:29

Dmitriy and his team are top notch. They are a wonderful company with great resources. We've been with them for close to 2 years and the service has always been excellent. Whenever we have a question, they are quick to respond. We're happy that we were able to make our own decisions regarding our 401k.

Relationship: Client. Written 25 Mar 14:04

I opened my Solo 401K with Sense Financial after researching and talking to a lot of other providers. Sense Financial did a great job opening my Solo 401k quickly and also gave me some contacts at a local bank in Houston, TX that understand this type of accounts and are able to open a Solo 401K bank account with checkbook control.

They are very knowledgeable, have an excellent portal that has a wealth of information and are easy to get hold off over the phone. They also sent timely reminders regarding tax filings.

Very highly recommended!

Relationship: Have a Solo 401K account using their plan since 2016. Written 22 Sep 21:22

I did a bunch of research on this topic as I had never heard of a solo 401K until I came to BP. I ended up choosing Sense Financial. Dmitriy is on the forum quite frequently. He explained how the process works, his team sent me all the documents that I needed to fill out, and he recommended a bank that will handle the bank account part. The Sense Financial team has been wonderful throughout the entire process and I highly recommend them.

Relationship: client. Written 11 Mar 06:56

I have to admit, I was hesitant, skeptical, nervous, anxious, and any other negative feelings when considering a Solo 401k. But, just thinking back at the market made my stomach turn even more, I felt I had no control over my own money. The folks over at Sense Financial, wow, they really eased my mind and helped me take control. Their personal touch made me feel as they were in it with me. I met with President, Dmitriy Fomichenko, where he took the time to go over options and how they can help guide me through the process. It didn't stop there. I was assigned my own Account Manager, Minna Nah. She's an email and a phone call away and incredible! The personal service offered by this company is above and beyond and I'm already seeing the benefits. THANK YOU Dmitriy, Minna and the Sense Financial family!!

Relationship: Client. Written 28 Mar 03:54

Dmitriy and his company Sense financial provided excellent advice and services to me. I have a Roth self-direct IRA account and I was in the process of researching a new self-direct IRA. Dmitriy provided valuable advice on the transfer, and advantages of 401 solo IRA program. I really appreciate his knowledge. In addition, Maria is excellent in following up.

Relationship: Clint. Written 09 Aug 18:31