Alex Bekeza's References

Alex was an awesome asset for refinancing my rental property. He took all of my concerns into consideration and helped me make the best decision. The loan terms were competitive but Alex's customer service definitely made an impact. He kept me updated with any changes at each major milestone and routinely checked in to make sure things were progressing. Thanks for all your help Alex!

Relationship: Alex is my lender. Written 02 Jan 09:20

I found Alex on Bigger Pockets when I was searching for a DCR loan. The whole process with Alex was very positive and efficient. Alex was very responsive to questions, and he knows the underwriting expectations, which helped me better prepare supporting material. Closing was very easy and smooth. I'd be glad to work again with Alex on future loans.

Relationship: Recent Client. Written 17 Apr 10:00

I have been working with Alex on a couple of deals we have done recently and I have to say it has been a great experience. I linked up with him towards the end of last year and we got a flipper line of credit going. I am glad to have him in my corner when it comes to pushing things along, and he is very helpful. Would and have recommended him to people looking to grow their business.

Relationship: Client. Written 21 May 12:20

My husband found Alex on Bigger Pockets when he was researching lenders. We just finished a successful refinance as part of a BRRRR deal that we were doing. The process was very smooth. Alex is very responsive and stays on top of everything. He seems to have plenty of loan products for many different scenarios. We are currently in the process of doing yet another deal with Alex and will continue to use him in the future.

I would highly recommend him.


Relationship: borrower. Written 10 Sep 20:35

Alex helped me an a cash out refinance I recently did on a BRRRR deal in Washington state. I reached out to a few different lenders about a somewhat unique rental situation I had. Alex was the most up front about the different loan products he offered, the pros and cons of each of those, and gave a lot of info about how each of those loan products would work in conjunction with my specific rental needs. Everything proceeded right on schedule, a lot of it happening while I was out of the country only w email contact to Alex, it all worked out, and the loan got funded and it's on to the next one.

Relationship: He did a loan refinance for me. Written 14 Sep 22:37

Alex and his team are great at what they do! I had to call around to many lenders before I was able to find Alex! I did 2 refinances simultaneously and it was a breeze! They made everything so easy for me! I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Relationship: Client. Written 02 May 15:10

My wife and I just recently closed two deals with Alex. Anyone who is self employed knows how difficult it is at times to get financing. Because of this we were buying our flip houses all cash, but that hindered our ability to scale and often was a strain on cash flow. We spoke with Alex and he presented multiple options to us and after deciding on what worked best in our situation we have closed 2 deals in the last two weeks. He was very easy to work with, knowledgeable of the different financing options, and up front with all the pricing. There was never a time I felt like he was trying to rope us into something without giving us the facts. He's well spoken, attentive, and easy to talk to. If there are any investors out there like us who don't necessarily need creative financing, but need something a little different than what the big banks offer then I would highly recommend giving Alex a call.

Relationship: Client. Written 28 Oct 10:27

Alex has proven to be an invaluable asset to my company. He is trustworthy, talented, and above all transparent (Even for the difficult conversations). Together we were able to close on a very difficult refinance. I have tried many others before him that made plenty of empty promises. However thanks to Alex's grit and creativity, we were put in the best position possible and closed the deal. There are only a select amount of people that have the capacity to be up working before and after everyone else. If you are serious about investing, this is your guy. Thanks again for everything Alex. You will be the first person that I will call for the next deal.

Relationship: Broker. Written 16 Nov 08:25

Being a small business owner operating in less then 1 year, I was looking for lenders to help me out and I came across Alex.

With timely responses to my thousands of questions he guided me each and every way. Walked me through different scenarios and helped me with the whole picture of the BRRRR process.

He is amazing to work with and I cant wait to continue my relationship with Alex!

Relationship: Alex was my Lender. Written 17 Nov 15:41

I am so thankful to Alex for his assistance on refinancing an out-of-state two duplex package. When interest rates started to rise, we were afraid that the numbers would not work and we would have to sell them. Alex stepped in and offered several solutions which ultimately ended in successful loans and two new duplexes in our portfolio. Alex is so knowledgeable, but what I appreciated the most was his calm, professional and friendly way of walking me through this process from start to finish. He stayed on top of the paperwork and reminded me when Ii forgot to get things done. He was available to me anytime I called and was willing to patiently answer all of my many questions that came up. I could not have asked for a better lending partner in this deal. I highly recommend Alex to anyone, but especially to those who are newer to real estate investing. Alex will help you every step of the way.

Relationship: client. Written 30 Nov 11:02

I found Alex during my search for lending on a home refi. While I ultimately chose another broker, I bookmarked Alex's websites and once I refinanced, he turned me onto his BRRRR lending programs.

Alex guided me through the qualification process and helped me close on 6 units I'll BRRRR this spring, 2020.

Alex gets it. He's professional, a clear communicator and no pretense; he's hustling right alongside with no ego. I'd recommend him any day.

Relationship: Client. Written 28 Feb 18:19

We had a great experience working with Alex as our lender. They offered good rates, flexible loan terms, and excellent customer service. The loan application process was straightforward and transparent, and I would definitely recommend them to others looking for a reliable lender.

Relationship: Lender. Written 15 Feb 17:06

Alex has been a huge advocate in growing our business! I have worked with Alex twice now in the last 12 months in 2 different states. Most recently, on a 1031 exchange investment to Missoula Montana with a shorter than expected timeline. One of our big frustrations (with banks especially) has been accurate expectations and lack of industry knowledge / awareness. This is the single biggest reason we have worked with Alex! There is nothing more expensive than a failed deal, late in the process due to financing! It is so important during a buy/sell (and even before) to be fully educated on the financing options, risks and expectations. Alex has been a huge advocate in this area where others have failed. Just as important is promptness and professional communication. Alex is involved and communicative from shopping, contract negotiation, closing, to finally: "what are we doing next?" Prompt and professional responses. I don't believe a whole day has ever passed between an inquiry and a response! We are so happy to be removed from the secondary market groveling into the professional world of investor lending with an excellent broker, coupled with a capable and reasonable lender! Alex has been our guide and advocate through all of this, and we look forward to working with Alex again as we grow our investment portfolio!

Relationship: LTR/STR Investor. Written 08 Mar 10:33

I have had the pleasure of working with Alex for several transactions. He’s experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring and has a great supporting team. Alex kept me informed during the stressful process, returned emails promptly, and had my back when roadblocks came my way. He went above and beyond my expectations.

Relationship: Client . Written 10 Nov 16:34

I have worked with Alex for close to 3 years now. I have refinanced close to 35-40 properties with him and he has been the most consistent and reliable lender I have worked with. He's never once dropped the ball, responds to email late at night/weekends and I couldn't recommend him more. 100% will continue using him for all my lending needs, thank you Alex!!

Relationship: Lender - Borrower. Written 26 Jan 18:17

I completely appreciate working with this young man. I had gone through several lenders in an attempt to allocate the exact loan that worked for my first investment property. I had completely given up, until I remembered that Alex responded to one of my posts several months ago. The final verdict was that Alex was able to get the loan approved and I was able to purchase my first rental property. I felt that Alex fought tooth and nail for me and was my advocate to ensure that I was treated fairly. He argued my point as his client to anyone that would listen. He treated me like I mattered and did not just look at me with dollar signs in his eyes. I will definitely be using him in future transactions and referring him to anyone else trying to invest for the first time. I will also refer first time home buyers to this young man, as he has earned my trust. Thank you Alex for everything that you have done. I appreciate you big time!!

Relationship: Client. Written 12 Aug 11:36

I worked with Alex on a fix/flip loan on a somewhat unique property in Lake Harmony, PA. He was great throughout the process, found a lender with a product perfectly suited for the property, and was very helpful and hands-on throughout the underwriting/closing process. I highly recommend reaching out to him if you're looking for financing or even if you have questions about the process.

Relationship: Investor. Written 06 Nov 06:25

Meeting Alex on BP has had a pivotal impact on our business.

I’ve dealt with years of frustration trying to get financing through the banking system. Alex’s company lends based on the qualifications of the property in question and doesn’t get hung up on personal finances.

As a self employed investor with a solid portfolio but no W2 income Alex has been the solution we have been looking for for years. He offers competitive rates and terms and his customer service is top notch. He is quick to respond and addresses all issues and concerns to make it as smooth and quick a process as possible.

We recently closed on a cash out refinance that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I highly recommend Alex for your investment financing needs!

Relationship: Client. Written 07 Nov 08:51

Alex was phenomenal to work with on a recent cash out refi on one of my rental properties. His knowledge and experience proved incredibly valuable in navigating several roadblocks presented to us through the Covid pandemic. He was able to get the deal to the closing table at a fantastic rate despite many hurdles. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for no-income verification cash-out refinances, or any other type of creative real estate financing.

Relationship: Lender. Written 02 Dec 10:14

Alex is my top pick for multi-family & BRRRR lending. As a broker, he has numerous loan options to choose from. His programs are created for investors and are so much easier than bank loans--loan criteria is based on the property itself rather than a full personal underwrite. As a bonus, he is always friendly and is an investor himself. I highly recommend Alex!

Relationship: Client. Written 05 Jan 14:38

Alex Bekeza is a top tier Loan Officer. Lenders are one of your most important partners in any transaction and having smart LO with access to great capital is paramount to any investor’s success. Our company has had the pleasure of working with Alex through a couple of transactions starting when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. He was on top of updates from capital markets throughout the shutdown and made sure that my business partner and I were informed of all of our options. After working through two smooth transactions we are looking forward to developing a relationship for years to come.

Relationship: Lender + Investor. Written 12 Jan 18:10

I have worked with Alex on multiple deals and can honestly say that he is the best in the business. He truly puts the customer first. His knowledge of the industry is unparalleled and as an investor himself he is able to give great advice while analyzing the deals you throw at him. He is always available and just an all around good dude. I have referred a few of my colleagues to him--one of which is refinancing 5 properties with him currently. Use him, you won't be disappointed!

Relationship: My loan officer!. Written 14 Jan 13:16

It is always a pleasure to work with Alex. He is very professional and always quick to respond to my questions and concerns. I feel he always has several options for me and is happy to talk through the pros and cons of each. Great to work with!

Relationship: Investments. Written 30 Jun 15:36


Alex was extremely helpful in getting me through 3 cash-out refis on recent BRRRR deals. Alex's communication skills are what impressed me the most. Response rate was very fast (turnaround 1-2 days at most), in addition to all communications being clear - very black and white, leaving no room for interpretation or excess back and forth trying to figure out next steps. Alex very organized and pro-active in reaching out to different resources - underwriting, closing, etc. to ensure the loan process was as quick and painless as possible for the customer. All 3 of my loans have been turned around in under 30 days, from the point of contacting Alex to having the refi check in hand. Alex has several product offerings too, including 30 year fixed rate loans for investment properties. If you are in need of loan services for your investment properties, I would highly recommend working with Alex, you will not be disappointed. I look forward to expanding my portfolio with Alex and his team.

Relationship: Borrower. Written 09 Jun 07:13

I recently did a multi family (5 plex) refi with Alex. He was very patient and NEVER seemed irritated at the many questions I asked. Alex took the time to explain and didn't talk down to me. I will certainly work with Alex again. He was very accessible and on top of the entire process. I found Alex here on BiggerPockets. His programs are a great tool to have as an investor. Thanks again Alex!

Relationship: Client/Investor. Written 26 Jan 08:10

Alex did my cash out loan in Indianapolis. It took me a while to find the right loan officer but he made simple process because he knows how to guide you in each step. totally recommended!!

Thanks Alex, see you on the next deal.


Relationship: Loan Customer . Written 19 Jan 09:28

Alex has been great.

When all other lenders said no, he said yes, and he delivered.

Just closed yesterday on my 30 year refi.

The process was very straight forward and easy to get closed. No curve balls, no bs, and the lending fees are very reasonable.

Alex is my new go to. I highly recommend him.

Relationship: Borrower. Written 09 Feb 06:08

Alex was great to work with. He communicates clearly and is very responsive. He also maintains high transparency, so there are no hidden costs or processes that caught me by surprise. I recommend Alex as a stop when you are looking for non-traditional loans with competitive terms.

Relationship: borrower. Written 21 Mar 21:49

Alex is simply the best lender you can have if your'e an investor. There is no lender I have ever worked with for any of our 5 investment properties that comes close to his competence, knowledge, communication, determination, customer service, patience and problem solving skills.

With most lenders it feels like they are working against you to process a loan. Especially if you are an investor and they process mostly primary loans and deal with people that have W-2's and no other properties on their balance sheet. Alex is like having someone on your team that does your problem solving for you. He is the only person I will use in the future for my investment properties.

Relationship: Alex was the loan officer for one of my properties . Written 09 Mar 12:41

Alex Bekeza, or AB as I like to call him, is a phenomenal lender. He’s highly knowledgeable about the entire lending process. That is important because, as an investor, I want to work with someone who is experienced and can get me from application to funding as quickly as possible. AB is a pro, not a part-time lender or someone that lets things fall throw the cracks.

His level of experience helps to avoid pitfalls and delays. It’s good to work with a lender that can spot potential issues early in the process and notifies you, so the question is answered before it’s asked. What I like most about working with AB is that he also invests in projects. He understands what it’s like when you have an unexpected $10,000 problem and how that will impact your bottom line. Of course, I’m not suggesting you use AB as your therapist; I am saying that he’s good to bounce a few ideas off of from time to time. He’s been on both sides of the real estate investing coin, and that experience is invaluable. Overall, he’s a great lender, easy to work with, super knowledgeable, and a great guy. If you want the best service, I highly recommend AB. Thank me later!

Relationship: Lender. Written 13 Feb 11:16

Alex is an A+ top-tier lender, and has been an important part of my growth in real estate. I have worked with Alex to secure multiple investment real estate loans, and I couldn't be happier with the experiences. From start to finish, Alex was knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. Alex took the time to understand my unique situation and provided me with a range of options that were tailored to my needs. His process is customer friendly and he always provides a clear understanding of the process and timelines involved.

Alex is incredibly responsive and has great communication. Alex provided regular updates on the status of my loan. I always felt like I was in good hands from start to finish.

Overall, I highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for a reliable lender. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and truly cares about helping their clients achieve their financial goals. I will definitely be working with him again in the future!

Relationship: Alex is my lender. Written 21 Feb 18:28