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Hey guys, my name is Sam Garner and I'm a new poster to BiggerPockets. I've been browsing and learning as much as possible from books, podcasts, etc... just trying to learn as much as possible. This website has been great to me so far.

A little bit about my self. Currently I'm getting my Master's Degree in Music at University of Miami. I'm 23 and have been playing music since I was 5. I've been interested in real estate for awhile, but now that with only a year till I graduate, what I'm wanting to do in the future is becoming more and more urgent. For the longest time I thought I would want to do music all day long, but as I start to think about family and kids and the kind of lifestyle I want to have one day, music as a full time option makes less and less sense. There are many ways to make money doing music that doesn't require the full day, so I'm looking at doing as much on the side as possible, it being a hobby I just happen to be very good at.

I have 2 family members that are very successful doing real estate in the DFW area. They have offered to open as many doors as possible for me in the next upcoming year, assuming I move back to Dallas, so I'm aiming to dedicate the next year to doing as much as I can to learn what I need. One of them has offered to set up meetings for me as early as Christmas, just to network and get my feet wet with potential future options.

I'm very interested in the concept of slowly building your wealth, one house or property at a time. Singles, Multi-plexs, apartments, and maybe even commercial, are very intriguing to me. Even though I've read mixed opinions on whether I should get a license or not, the person who is going to set up meetings said I should. I'm not in a place to argue with him or contradict him, so I'm going to get it. I'm also hoping that it can fill in some education gaps that I missed getting 2 music degrees.

So now the questions.

1) Regarding the licenses, I'm having trouble understanding one key thing. I feel like I've read several contracting things, maybe I read an older version, but i can't seem to find out if I can just straight out get a broker's license, assuming I take the 270 hours, or do I have to wait x amount of time, 2-4 years being active, to get the license.

2) I'm still currently investigating my Universities class catalog, but are there any foreseeable issues with taking a Real Estate class in Florida and using that credit to get a license in Texas?

3) Does anyone have any experience with the Allied Real Estate School. I'm looking for online options as well.

I think that's all for questions. I'm eager to learn and look forward to hearing from anyone with input. Thank you very much.

I would suggest using Champions School of Real Estate. It is a little bit pricier than the others but I believe it is the best option, they offer an online option as well so you should have no problems completing the courses while still living in Miami.

Hello Sam,

I can answer on 3. - i sign up with the Allied Real Estate School a while ago and they had a great study system. You are not going wrong with them.

As far as Broker - you need to be an active real estate licencee for at least 2 year. (This is for CA).


Hi Sam,

Welcome to Bigger Pockets! It is great you have taken the decision to start out in Real Estate and considering ways of building your wealth one step at a time. Getting a license will definitely open a lot of doors for you, so don't hesitate about it. The great thing about Real Estate is that there are so many options and opportunities no matter if you do it full time or part time. 

Regarding your questions:

1. You can't jump straight to a broker license. A broker candidate must complete 8 approved real estate courses. In addition, you must also have 2 years of full time licensed real estate experience within the past 5 years or the equivalent. Equivalents include a 4 year degree with a major or minor in real estate from an accredited college. 

2. As far as I know, depending on the states involved, in most cases you can do that but have to still sit for the exam in the state you want to get a license from. For example, I have a CA license, If I want to get a Nevada license, I do not need to take additional classes, but just just sit for the Nevada's exam.

3. I have completed the Allied School CA RE course and I am very happy with them and how their program prepared me for the license. They give you all the books and online access to the student materials and tests, DVD, Cram Exam student book. Once you have gone through the books you can access online their final preparation test. They suggest that you access that test right before you sit for the exam because it is available for a limited time. Study well all questions from that test and you will successfully pass the exam. 

When enrolling in their course, ask for their add-on certificates such as A Green Specialist, Short Sale Specialist, etc. for no extra charge.

Let me know if you decide to go with Allied, and I can refer you so you do not have to pay full price.

A real estate agent I have known for years has gotten his license with the help of Premier Schools - another accredited online school. He also renews his license with them every time.

Good luck with everything !


Thank you guys very much for the responses! Very helpful.

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