Driving for Dollars

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Spent the afternoon D4D with my 8 year old daughter and had a great time.  She helped pick out houses and wrote down addresses as I drove.  However, when collecting addresses she asked me a question I did not have an answer for.  Should we be looking for distressed and vacant or is distressed and inhabited also ok?

@Micah Redden    I look for messy properties, vacant or not. People that don't take pride in their ownership. Lawns not mowed. Weeds in the driveway, Shutters falling off. Etc. Once i have their address, I look them up on www.USA.com. You can get their phone number and name.

Thanks @Jon Huber !  I figured that if nothing else it would give me experience talking with anyone who might call back; or they might know someone else who has property to sell.

Originally posted by @Jon Huber:

 Once i have their address, I look them up on www.USA.com. You can get their phone number and name.

Jon I just tested this site with some known address, but it did not find anything.  How do you do your searches there? 

@Steve Might

It is a bit tricky... first I put in the zip code. I brings up the "Basic Info" of that zip (ie, Median Income, Population Growth, etc). Then, to the right of "Basic Info", you will see "Streets". You click on Streets, and then you find the street of your choice... and it should list all of the names and addresses on that street. Upon finding the house you want, by clicking on it, it should give you the phone number. Le me know if that works for you...

Thanks @Jon Huber  

I really could have used this when I was doing Sub2.

@Kent Verge    Yes... its really a cool tool. Much more to it than names and numbers as well

Hey Jon thanks for the link. when I went I had to click on the other tab which is all the way to the right of basic info. Then the streets tab on the drop down again all the way to the right. Nice link though it didn't have any of my properties in it. I will be using this often. 

@Neil Schoepp  

I have seen a few missing. I have owned my primary home for 2 years and I am not listed on it, but I have tried every other member of my family, and they are in there. I was assume that with people moving and new houses going up, it would be tough to have a real-tme information. I sure wish it did, but I will take what they have.  =)

@Jon Huber   I'm in a small neighborhood. Only about 1100 houses. The three properties I looked up I have owned since '01, '03 & '14. But the actual address didn't even come up?I'm not complaining. If I can do a couple of clicks and get some contact info it's a lot better than a trip to the admin. building to look up the owner.  This is going to make an easy first step.  I, like you, will take what I can get. The more tools I have the better prepared I am.  I can now do a search from my phone and call them while I'm standing in front of their property looking it over. This way I can't procrastinate. 

@Jon Huber  man that site is amazing. Thank's for the heads up. Just another reason that BP is an invaluable resource.... 

@Arin Hanohano   I'm glad it is successful for you. I was pretty happy when I found out about it. I just ask that you pass it on to the next person!

@Jon Huber I just have to say thanks so much for sharing that tool for finding names that go with an address. I was (walking) for dollars in my own neighborhood and finally am going to make the effort to contact an owner regarding their home and situation. I continue to learn so much here on BP!

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