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I'm trying to wrap my brain around the concept of giving an offer.  If I'm wholesaling and I don't have any cash to buy the property; but, my intention is to find a cash buyer am I able to say that I will buy their property cash?

Would this be wehre the term subject to seller financing?

I look forward to your feedback and guidance.

It would be helpful if someone could provide a list of possible financing options and a brief description.

If I'm wholesaling and I don't have any cash to buy the property; but, my intention is to find a cash buyer am I able to say that I will buy their property cash?

Sure.  It would be a lie but you could say that.  Many do.  IMHO its a bad practice to claim you're going to buy a property when you have no such intention.  But, again, many wholesalers do exactly that.

If you're wholesaling financing is not a consideration because you're not actually buying.

If you're double closing, though, you may need a transactional lender to fund your purchase.  That gets quickly repaid when you turn around and sell it.

If you can find a wholesale deal where the seller is willing to offer some from of seller financing then it may be a more attractive deal to potential buyers.

Thank you @Jon Holdman I want to be upfront and honest on all my deals. I won't say that I'll pay cash if that's dishonest. Thanks for the feedback

Hi  @William Yamada  undefined

Knowing who are paying all cash buyers FIRST and then finding the properties that THEY are interested want is a good idea, and you can talk to motivated sellers about the Cash Buyers you work with.

Here are 83 articles on BP wholesaling


Take your time and read them all.

Here is an idea: 

search your public records for CUSTODIANS, like equity trust, pensco trust, see these articles http://www.biggerpockets.com/search/wordpress?utf8...

Custodians's names are in the public record.


List of Large Self Directed IRA Custodians (Over $2 Billion under custody):

Equity Trust Company (acquired Sterling Trust Company)

First Trust Company of Onaga

IRA Services Trust Company

Kingdom Trust Company

Millennium Trust Company

Pensco Trust Company (acquired Lincoln Trust Company)

Provident Trust Group

Trust Company of America

List of Mid-sized Self Directed IRA Custodians ($500 Million – $2 Billion)

Advanta IRA (TPA)

GoldStar Trust Company

Midland IRA (TPA)

New Direction IRA (TPA)

Next Generation Trust Services (TPA)

NuView IRA (TPA)

Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. (Horizon Bank)

SunWest Trust Company

Vantage IRA (TPA)

List of Small Self Directed IRA Custodians (

American IRA (TPA)

Quest IRA (TPA)

Self Directed IRA Custodians of Unknown Size (have not disclosed amount under custody):

American Estate & Trust

American Pension Services (TPA)

Capital IRA (TPA)

Community National Bank

The Entrust Group (TPA)

Exeter (TPA)

Horizon Trust Company

IRA Club (TPA)

IRA Resources (TPA)

Nevada Trust Company

Nexus Direct IRA (TPA)

PolyComp Trust Company

Preferred Trust Company

Premier Trust

RealTrust IRA Alternatives (TPA)

Sovereign International Pension Services (TPA)

Summit Trust Company

uDirect IRA (TPA)

If you don't have any cash, why are you wholesaling? What happens when you don't find a buyer? Do you walk away? 

Don't jump on the newbie bandwagon of "I don't have cash or credit and am scared to take any risk so I'll just wholesale my way to wealth." 

That's the dream people selling books and CDs pitch. It isn't reality.

Hi @Aaron Mazzrillo thanks for your negativity. Yes, I don't have much capital to get started. Instead of bringing me down, how about you point out a solution such as...how about you start looking for cash buyers. Once you have a couple serious buyers on board you can get into a deal without loosing sleep.

My goal is to provide a way out for those that can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. While doing this I hope to learn about different niches so that I have more tools in my toolbox.

Next time your going to comment on someone's post think about building them up instead of dragging them down.

Wish you the best.

Your welcome. Any other lies that you want to tell sellers, just let me know. I'm more than happy to tell you why it is a bad idea.

Just reread my post. I don't see anything in there about "dragging you down" or criticizing you. Also, I don't think you're in a position to tell me what to do or how to respond to questions. I attempted to help you by telling you the truth about wholesaling. What you want to research is bird dogging. Wholesaling is for people with both industry knowledge and money of which, you have neither.

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