Going strong in MA.

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I am a woman on fire! My brain is like a run away train.  Motivation is pouring out of me.  I exist on a whole new plane.  It is unbelievable!  My thirst to learn more now outweighs all other needs except those of my children.  I don't notice hunger, thirst or fatigue.  I quite literally had to make a note to remind myself to eat and drink regularly.  I try to sleep but it's difficult.  There are so many dreams and plans within my conscious mind it doesn't want to relinquish control to the unconscious.  This has become my new greatest problem.  What an absolutely wonderful thing!

For the other newbies.  I hope you are feeling as I am.  There's a lot ahead but we can do it.  Don't forget to look after yourself along the way.  Even if, like me, you must make a note.  A strong mind cannot thrive within a weak body.  Take care of yourself and go for it!

For those here at BP who have helped me, whether we've connected yet or not.  (I've been so busy!)  Thank you is not enough.  I don't yet have much to offer in a business sense but I hope to give back what I can and offer encouragement to others as I go.

An average person with a modest routine of self-improvement will out perform a disorganized genius ninety-nine times out of a hundred.

Timely and encouraging post.

@Brian Gibbons

I agree!  No matter your level of intelligence you can succeed in your life.  It's your drive to better yourself that matters most.  Determining what things are of the most importance to you and then looking for whatever resources you need to achieve your goals.  Know your strengths as well as your weaknesses.  There are other people who know or can do what you can't.  That's why we hire professionals.  If you can't do something yourself, knowing it and getting assistance is not weakness.  It is good sense. If you have that and determination you can succeed.

That said, an organized mind coupled with intelligence is a wonderful thing.  Genius I think, is a more transcendent quality.  High IQ or not it is something I firmly believe we are all capable of.   Though sadly, many of us do not realize this.

I am grateful for the benefits I have had and will continue to try to improve myself.


@Brian Gibbons undefined  that was a great quote.....

And so true..

@Candice Gielda   you have one goal right now...get the phone to ring...as my good friend @Joe McCall says....you aren't in the real estate business...you are in the marketing business. 

Market market market....get the phone to ring....

Then you work with what will work based on the situation....

Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice...

I feel the exact same way.  Since I began learning about real estate investing, I cannot stop thinking about it and learning.  But I never forget to eat hahaha

@Eric Taylor Thank you.  @Joe McCall I like that.  @Rudolfo Fossa   Glad to hear it!  Keep at it.  Don't forget to take active steps as well.

@John Jackson I understand.  Marketing in real estate is another thing I need to get more education on.  I have touched on it but will place more focus on it next.  I do have work experience that should help me here.  Every job I've held has had some customer relations component to it.  I once worked for an answering service.  A much more difficult job than most people think.  As proper secretarial typing is a necessary skill and to this day I still basically use only six fingers I really didn't qualify.  I was hired on the spot and later promoted.  

In a more recent position I had to publish a bimonthly newsletter, bimonthly catalogs, and keep the website updated and working.  I also did all of our advertising, including writing the copy.  One of the companies I managed for them was in rentals.  My position there included keeping them filled.  I barely knew how to do the few things they had listed in the advert for an office manager when I went for an interview, but I needed a job.  I was hired on the spot.  The job that I went in for grew and grew.  So much so that I can't possible list all of my responsibilities.  You simply wouldn't believe me.  Unfortunately, my salary didn't grow and grow.  Overworked and under-payed is no way to go.

A tornado hit town and I went with it.  Not literally, luckily!  It left a big mess and then an early snowstorm made things much worse.  An opportunity arose to make more money for less aggravation in the fresh air.  I now work in tree service, as a laborer.  Not just any old laborer though, if the boss isn't on the job site I'm in charge.  Many men have come and gone since I started.  It's hard, dangerous work and I love it!  It's not something I can do forever.  This is.

Well I'm off to learn more about marketing.  I can't wait for the first call.

Be well.

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