Noob and business cards?

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Just want to get the opinion of the BP Community.

I am one who believes in the power of a business card.  Although I can connect with many investors here, I know that not everyone uses BP.

Obviously, I would put Name, email, and contact number...No website as I dont have one yet.

I wanted to know what does a newbie like myself put on a business card? Real Estate Investor? (Not an investor yet) Aspiring Real Estate Investor? (may discredit myself) Real Estate Entrepreneur?  Really looking for any advice and opinions

Should I add what I'm interested in on the card? I also don't want to limit my options.

I like Nick's suggestions. "Investor" really does have a bad connotation with a lot of the public. You don't need to list what you're interested in on the front, but it may be helpful to have a list on the back. Don't make it too specific, but don't put the things on that you know you won't do. Real estate professional gives an idea what you work with, but that is such a wide scope so they will need some sort of idea what you do/want to do.


Thanks for making me pause to see what is on my card and some others I collected. Remember it is a living document subject to changes and improvement. Don't print a ton since it will change.

You don't need a title you can use a Tag Line. "looking for properties in Emerging Markets", "Making a house a home again" etc.

Make sure it is easily read contrasting colors. 

Pictures are good could be a business logo, pic of you or a property.

I hve a version that looks like a Million dollar bill with my contact info on the back. Brings a smile and starts a conversation.


@Dan Mackin sounds like its all about finding a balance between too much information and not enough.  Im considering utilizing a tag such as "Making a house a home again" as suggested by Account Closed.  I think it opens up the door to conversations as to what do you mean by that? and then i can go into my mission statement of providing safe and reliable homes to families.

@Paul thanks for the tips, Im considering a simple card that has an outline of a house on one side with my info on the other.  Only going to order 50 but they will be high quality which i think will help me stand out a bit.

@angel, I was thinking of this earlier today @ work, I was asking myself do I combined my talents with my art and real estate or keep them seperate. I have business cards now but its for my art business. Then me as a beginner a professional told me most people today dont use business cards anymore, they might just ask to text or email info. I'm a little old fashion, I rather give them my card than look for a pen and paper or texting. I believe seperate is best for now, and for myself my photo with a phrase or just "real estate" something, I myself will start off small but something better than none.

Latoya Coleman Yea something about the card just really takes the professionalism to another level.  I'm considering a home outline in black with a white backdrop with lines that say "write on me" so who I give it to can take notes.  While the other side has my information, including "Real Estate Professional."

Oh also some advice if you aren't sure how to use the @ sign, go here to learn how to use the mention option (@)

I have connected with @Meghan Reed through BP recently and I thought her business card was very simple and effective.  She has her contact info and the fact that she is a real estate investor clearly on the card.

I think it is important for someone to clearly outline what business they are in within their business card and also obviously to provide all of the ways they can be contacted.

Thanks for the mention @Michael Noto .  Here's a shot of my card in case it helps.  I consider mine something I would use to communicate with potential partners (contractors, agents, lenders, property managers) more so than something I would give to a potential seller.  I'll probably make up another batch at some point marketing to them, with information like "I buy house cash, Quick closing", etc.

I am still figuring out if I want to get in this game, so I printed some myself which just have my name, e-mail, and phone without a description.  But then on the other side, if I decide not to get buy investment properties, I can still use the card.  Just my two cents.


I know I will be asked the question- what does that mean? and I will have the answer to give back to them and gear it to their situation. good luck