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Hello all,
I'm a new investor looking into multifamily houses, Any advice, tips or suggestions. I currently live in Newark Delaware and plan to live in one portion and rent the other(house hacking). Please reply with any tips or suggestions what I should consider moving forward looking into these properties.

Welcome @Jarrett Shippen .  You will find tons of good resources on this site about house hacking and multifamily properties.  I believe the ideal is that the rent from the other unit(s) will completely cover the monthly expenses for the whole building and the mortgage.  It's going to come down to learning how to run the numbers on property and will vary somewhat depending on many factors.  I recently read the ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy and that gave a basic breakdown of how to value multifamily properties.  I would suggest trying to meet up with local investors in your market and figure out from them how they are doing it.  I would also recommend the podcasts, they're great.

@Jarrett Shippen

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Welcome to BP! Make sure that you do you due diligence when purchasing a multifamily. A lot of the former years QE money has found its way into the multifamily arena. Thus, there is a herd mentality of driving prices to levels that don't make sense. There are still deals out there but they are very hard to find.

Good luck.

Hi Jarrett!  House hacking is an exciting endeavor.  I would love to house hack as well.  The inventory is pretty non-existent in New Castle County at this time, but there are also some fantastic opportunities for owner-occupants of Multifamiies right now.

If you haven't already, connect with @Jeff Giffin.  He organizes some meet-ups with biggerpockets investors here in Wilmington. DE.

@Jarrett Shippen Welcome to BP! I would suggest reviewing as much information on becoming a landlord. I would also recommend using your keyword alerts for landlord to figure out the dos and donts. Bp is a great resource for your real estate needs.