Team Building Questions

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As I begin building my investment team, I am racking my brain to make sure I don't forget anyone I may need at some point. Obviously I am thinking about a real estate/closing attorney, agents, contractors, appraisers, brokers, lenders. Am I missing anyone? Thanks!

Originally posted by @Simon Shih :

Home inspectors. When you say broker, are you referring to insurance brokers? If not, Insurance broker.

 Yes I forgot inspectors. I was thinking real estate brokers, but would an agent fill the same role? I'll add insurance broker to the list. 

Real estate agent and broker are pretty much the same. The broker is the one that makes sure that agent is doing everything correctly. You have to be an agent for a minimum of 2 years before becoming broker.

I've started the process of researching both agents and contractors in the area via referrals for the area. How important is it to have at least a couple potential GCs lined up before deciding on a property? I have no experience estimating rehab costs. 

@Steve Nielsen Jr

GC's can definitely be a bit of a headache when attempting to receive bids and contract them for services. I've already run across this dilemma personally, and it cost me a deal due to these issues alone.  Antoney Manning has always been quick to respond and served me well by coming through quickly and effectively! He is also a sponsor/member of the TIN group! So, not only will he give you a timely bid, but he will likely do the best possible work seeing as how if he doesn't his name (at TIN) could potentially be tarnished. Definitely need to get in touch with him before moving forward with your venture(s). 

I also have a solid insurance team and attorney/closing/title agent that would be to your best interest to completing your team of people. Feel free to DM me if you're interested and I'll be happy to share some of these.