Are Real Estate Seminars worthwhile

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Hi my name is Joe

I'm relatively new to the real estate investment business. My interest is to start with flips and eventually invest in holds for long term investments.

There is so much info out there and a great deal of it is dished out by some of these experts that claim, if you invest in your future with us by purchasing their program for $$$, we will fly you across the country and teach you everything you need to know and for $$$ you can have the elite program and get mentoring and if you sign this lenders contract for $$$ we will line you up with Lending firms that will loan you hard money at $$$. But don't worry you will get your return as soon as you sell the property it will only cost an initial investment of $$$.

Are there any legitimate R E seminars that honestly have your interest in mine? 

Why does it cost so much?

How do you know the the genuine from the fonny?

Some people get useful motivation from going to the free initial seminar. But DON'T SIGN UP FOR THE EXPENSIVE STUFF!

I'm a GC who gets calls often from first-time investors who've been enticed by one of these seminars. They've almost always been promised the world and been given very few tools that equip them for the reality of how much work is really involved. And the "gurus" typically are from out of town and have little feel for the local market. Real estate is a very local business - conditions in your market are dramatically different from conditions in mine. And conditions in my DFW market are amazingly different from conditions in Muncie, IN, where I bought my first out of state property. Traveling around on a bus pretending one size fits all doesn't really make you a valuable resource.

Read these two threads before you go to the first one:

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Then find a good local real estate investors group, get active here on BiggerPockets, and save your money for investing, not paying gurus. Their main skill isn't actually real estate investing - it's extracting money from your wallet and putting it in theirs.

I honestly can't think of anyhting a "Guru" is going to tell you, that you can't find online somewhere. Or better yet at a local real estate investing club. Most clubs are free and you get to talk to agents, land lords, investors, etc... 

Start off reading books and looking through the forums here.

Ask questions when they come up.

I've been to one free seminar and it was a complete waste of time. It was clearly targeted at the uneducated trying to get them to sign up for more classes. If the free seminar was a waste of time I'm definitely not paying for classes but many people did :/