Any turnkey + property managers in Memphis?

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Hi all,

Getting close to finalizing a HELOC with my bank. I've been told that I could use the HELOC to buy property.

I've been looking for a reputable turnkey/management company in Memphis. I've come across a couple, and Does anyone have any experience with either of these two, or does anyone have another company they recommend? I'd like to work with a company that's out-of-state friendly. 


Originally posted by @Account Closed :

Closing my second property tomorrow with Alex at Memphis Turnkey. Make sure you call and or visit with them before making a decision.

 How was Memphis Turnkey with your first property? Would you recommend them?

Hello Jonathan! I've worked with both companies in some capacity throughout the years. I would say that both are top notch companies and investor friendly. I would also check with Douglas at Crestcore Realty. If I'm not mistaken they may offer turnkey from time to time, but if not he has a wealth of information to steer you in the right direction.


I was and am very pleased with my first property with Memphis Turnkey. Thats why I moved forward and bought another. Closed on Oct.28th 2015 and tenant moved in Nov. 5th. There have been zero issues. Memphis Turnkey also owns the property management company so they are with you all the time. Closing on my second tomorrow and tenant has already been approved and moves in mid May. I wouldn't have bought a second if I wasn't happy with my first experience. Do your homework and due diligence of coarse. Just make sure you they are part of the group of company's you talk to. 

Hi, @Jonathan Tea .

For turnkey in Memphis, I recommend that you check out the following companies.

Discount Property Warehouse - Robert Feol and @Stephen Akindona

Buy Memphis Now - @Curt Davis

Memphis Turnkey - @Alex Craig (as mentioned above)

Mid South Best Buyers - Terry Kerry

Memphis Buy and Hold @Derrick Craig

Memphis Invest - Chris Clothier (as mentioned above)

They are all top notch.

If you're just looking for a Realtor to help you find great buy and hold properties try @James Martin or @James Wachob .  They do a great job, too.

Best of luck to you!