Where do you find property owners name?

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Is your question general or just MA specific? In NC you can get it from the county website. If the name is an LLC, you can match it against the Sec of State website and get the remaining information.

@Kathleen Ames , that is not correct.  You can get the owner's name from most registries.  Start with Masslandrecords.com and choose the appropriate registry based on where the property is.

Since you're in Dracut, let's use North Middlesex county as an example.  Here is a link:


then in the upper left corner hover over "Search Criteria"  

From the dropdown under "Recorded Land" choose "Property Search" or under "Registered Land" choose "Property Search" (depends on whether it went through land court or not, such as a foreclosure deed.

A search bar will appear for Street Number, Street Name, and Town

Have at it.

Alternatively, although not as up to date as the Registry of Deeds, the Tax Assessor databases will have owner information.  Go to the website for the town> then the Tax Assessor page> then look for a link to online property information database

There are several different companies providing this service in MA, so it is easiest to simply start with the town website and go from there. 

Digging into Google Search will help you a lot in this business.