Setting up an LLC questions

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I could use some help from people who have been through it before.

1. When setting up an LLC do I need a Registered Agent? Can this be me or does it need to be someone else?

1.a     Is there more protecting this way since my information is not listed?

2. Setting up an Operating agreement, can this be done online through a template or do I need outside help from an expert?

3. What are articles of Association and how do they fit in this process. Is this done with the LLC or afterward?

4. Do I need a separate EIN for each LLC or do they all fall under one?

5. I assume the operating agreement can cover multiple LLC's that do the same business type?

I appreciate you help 

I would contact a local entity attorney and pay a couple hundred dollars to have all your questions answered and everything set up properly.  It's well worth the cost.