First Time Investor!

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Hello Investors and Real Estate Pros! 

I travel with my primary job and a physician informed me about BP! Wow, amazing site!  I primarily live in Memphis, TN but I am in Atlanta, Ga very often. I am ready to start investing! I have done some research but I am in need of some guidance. I definitely want to begin with rental property and move forward with flipping. I have found a few investors in Memphis to contact and try to connect with but if any of you would like to reply to this post please do! I appreciate any information, advice, etc! I look forward to hearing from you all! 

-Olivia Ingram

@Olivia Ingram , welcome to BP. I'd suggest that you start reading, listening to BP blogs and Podcasts. This forum has more than enough information for you to get started. Then when you run into any specific question, you can post them on here for everyone to chime in. 

I always recommend you start with books that can answer the biggest questions:

1. How to find deals

2. How to finance deals

3. How to manage deals

Once you have a basic foundation of knowledge, then you can come to forums like this and start asking more specific questions or reading up on particular topics to fill in the gaps.