Real Estate Book Recommendations

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Best is to find an investor and work for them gains your best knowledge...offer to work for next to nothing so you can be mentored....but one on one mentoring is your best training....books are great and offer tips and tricks for how they did it but there are so many variations...You have to know what you want to do in real estate houses or buy and hold for rents...or low sell to buyer for profit...may it be at retail or to another investor...and then you have to be careful if you do not have a real estate license...!  Each state has different decide if you want to be a real estate agent or an investor or both...? or a broker with leads...?

Start with a book that provides a bird's-eye view of investing. The "Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Real Estate Investing" is free and a good place to start. They have a new book coming out in the BP Store that is similar but more detailed and I would recommend reading that next.

Once you have a general understanding of terms and types of investing, then you can educate yourself on the specifics:

  • How do I find a good deal?
  • How do I pay for it?
  • How will I manage it?

I think it's important to be financially sound so maybe you could read a book like "Set For Life" by @Scott Trench and evaluate whether you're prepared. Without a solid foundation, everything else you do can fall apart.

@Nathan G.  That new book would be How to Invest in Real Estate by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner. It's actually based on the Ultimate Beginner's Guide, but expanded and updated to fit the form of a full book. It comes out tomorrow, 10/18, so it's brand new!

Also, Brandon Turner's The Book On Rental Property Investing is one of our biggest sellers because it's so detailed and gives a great step-by-step overview of rental properties. I would recommend starting with How to Invest as a general overview, then diving into Rental Property Investing for more detail.

Both can be found at Best of luck to you, @Daniel Leyva !