How to start investing in an investor-saturated market?

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First post - apologies if the same question was recently asked.


I'm brand-new to investing, in no rush, and in the process of learning everything I can while working my regular job and obtaining a REA license. One of the tips I often see on the forums is to "Connect with local REI's", so I found a site (connectedinvestors) and found hundreds of REI's, all "looking for deals" in my area. It immediately occurred to me that those listed are probably a small fraction of actual number of REI's in the area (Martinsburg WV is in proximity to MD/DC/VA). Pickings are sparse out here: my entire county is only ~100k people. in fact, the entire panhandle is only 175k people, 10% of which live in Martinsburg.

With a potential of 1000+ REI's with more experience and contacts than I do looking for the same deals I will be, I'm feeling a little discouraged. Now to tap your wisdom...


1) Am I crazy - is this even a factor (read: is my fear misplaced)?

2) Are there any advantages that newcomers have in this scenario which I could potentially leverage?

3) Other insights?

Thanks for any advice/constructive feedback! 🇺🇸

@Dan Jacobs I'm in Martinsburg as well and have had what I consider to be successes. I'm by no means rich or ready to retire yet, but I've increased my passive income significantly since moving to the area. I'd be more than happy to speak or email with you about it if you're interested, just drop me a message. I'm currently contracted on my fourth property in the city over the past two years, so would be happy to walk you through my process/thinking. There are certainly opportunities here, so long as you understand what you are buying and that this isn't NoVA (to me, that is a good thing).