Contractor Recommendations in Jacksonville. FL

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Hi all,

I'm starting out on my real estate journey to financial freedom and after many books, podcasts, and hundreds of hours of research I'm now closing on a nice triplex (my first Buy & Hold Inv. Property) which I'm planning on BRRRRing.

I'm not interested in doing any serious repairs myself. Although this triplex doesn't need much rehab, I'd really appreciate it if I could get two or three solid recommendations for contractors in the Jacksonville, FL area with whom BP members have hired and would hire again due to their Character, Commitment, & Capacity. I'd much rather take your experiences and opinions than perform the random Google search.

Thanks ahead of time for the responses!


Also, are there any recommendations out there for 2 or 3 property management companies that are focused here in Jax (not a national corp).

Thanks again! 


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