Hi BP,

I'm new to real estate investment and went to my first meet up last Wednesday and really took away a lot of great practices from the group. While I will continue to attend these meet ups every time one comes up, I was wanting to start a newbie support group in the Omaha area where people new to the investment game can meet up and share resources, discoveries and support each other through the process of getting started without the intimidation of having more seasoned investors there. Also with networking being a important part of real estate investment, this can be a bit of practice for those of us who aren't the most out going and need practice using terminology and just over all talking real estate. I was hoping meeting bi weekly with or monthly with specific topics on the agenda communicated prior to meeting so get the most of our time and forces us to do research. Hopefully if we get a consistent group we can have special guest and so on but most importantly have community with each other and support one another on our journeys and you never know we could eventually start investing together if we start finding success. Send me a message if you are interested and I will put this together if I get enough replies. Thank you