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I recently noticed that one of the features "Profile Stats" in the Pro Account has been changed. You were able to see who looked at your profile. Is this feature still enabled in the Pro Account?  If this feature is removed from the Pro Account, is it available in the Premium Account?

This was the previous link access from the Pro Account.

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I put an email yesterday regarding the profile stat changes to and haven't heard from anyone yet. Anybody else noticing this change with their Pro Account?

I am also curious to find out more about the new features with the Premium Account. For those BP members who upgraded to Premium what are the additional value you are seeing vs a Pro Account? 


With the new changes in the PRO account, are your clients no longer able to write a reference for you on BIgger Pockets? For those of you with the Premium Accounts, what additional features are you getting vs a Pro Account? 

Thank you.

Hey James! Happy to chime in here. With these new changes, PRO users will still be able to showcase references on their personal profiles, but lose the ability on their company profiles.

To sum up the Premium Membership, it’s specifically designed for Real Estate companies (currently available for Agents, HMLs, Investment companies & more company types coming soon!) to help them grow their business through the BiggerPockets community.

Premium Membership Includes:

-Placement at the top of our new company directories, where tens of thousands of members are looking for agents/lenders/partners each month.

-Enhanced company profile including areas to showcase deals and references

-Lead capture form (we send the leads directly to your inbox)

-Company profiles viewed 83% more than non-premium

-AND ALL of the features of our PRO membership, too!

We’ve had AWESOME feedback so far and our members have been receiving highly qualified leads- often repeat business. Feel free to read more about Premium here. Please reach out to me if you have any more questions or speak with one of our Premium Members @Jonathan Bombaci @Houston Garcia @Jordan Moorhead