Newbie Needs Some Direct Marketing Guidance...Please!

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Hello again BP comrades,

I'm just getting started and I'm pushing through. I'm a perfectionist and it seems so easy to say, 'Well, I don't have a website so no one will take me seriously.' or 'If I type my Yellow Letter instead of handwriting it no one will think it's genuine.' So my questions to you all are:

1. I know I don't need a website, but how helpful would it be too have one so that I can put a brand on the Yellow Letter or Postcard and include my website address on my mailers so it looks and feels more legit and personal?

2. For those of you willing to give away your secret sauce, is typing a letter and hand signing it almost as good as completely handwriting the whole letter?

3. Is it as easy as it sounds...LOL? Are there any nuances to I should be aware of like, maybe having a loose script to follow the first time someone calls me and tells me they're interested in what I have to say?

I know people do so much work and then hit a point and give up - NOT ME! I just want to do the best I can without continuing to do a bunch of busy work but never actually taking action. I'm using the BP community as my mentor...hope you're all ok with that? ;-)

Thank you all so much for your advice in advance!

Hi Michael,

I'm a perfectionist just getting started myself :-) I don't have too much experience yet but will share some of my impressions so far from working on a direct mail campaign for several months … 

1) I did make a website, since I do think it adds branding value (I'm also into web dev and graphic design), and also bc I thought we might find some postcard recipients who would prefer to fill out a web form initially rather than making a phone (of course, those are likely to be less serious).  So far no one has used our web form and we've gotten ~10 phone calls.  I've also seen some folks who have a really nice facebook business page, which these days might be an equally effective free alternative!

2) I've heard some people can't tell the difference between handwriting font and actual handwriting (I am not one of them though :-), so that's probably worth considering.

3) You probably do want a brief script for when someone calls, and also a plan for when you (hopefully!) go out and see the property.  You can search the forums and/or check out the file place for motivated seller lead scripts and initial walkthrough rehab estimate worksheets

Good luck!


Hello @Michael Pilolla ,

I have been doing direct mail for 8 years now and almost all my deals come from direct mail. So here is my little advice.

1) Hire someone from fiverr and get your website done. Might cost you around $35 with everything. Some people are more comfortable with filling up the contact us form instead of texting or calling you. You will see a lot of people filling up the contact us form on your website so if you don't have a website you're losing them.

2) There's absolutely no difference when it comes to response rate on handwritten font vs handwritten postcard/letter. You're wasting your time and money if you're writing those postcards/letters.

3) I would have a brief script ready for that leading to when you can see their property.

Overall, my advice is - JUST START! Make mistakes and then learn from them. You will get a lot more education from the mistakes than someone telling you how you should do something. Here are my details responses though:

1) Don't wait to get a website to start mailing. Just start mailing and stop pushing it off. You can create a website later or get one through oncarrot.

2) Professional letters and handwritten letters are used for different reasons and will elicit different responses. To start, don't worry about it though, just do what is easiest and keep moving. You can test tweaks to your letters/postcards later.

3) Talking to sellers is a completely different beast and this is where the magic happens. It is going to take time to get good and expect to mess up and stumble. However, this is where you will learn a lot. If you want a script, just PM me and I can send you my seller intake form.

Again, I can't mention it enough to just start. These types of detailed questions won't be impactful until you start scaling and getting better on the phones.

@Michael Pilolla    Pay attention to the list you are sending to. You should consider mailing to people who aren’t on every other investor’s radar. Absentee Owners have been popular for a long time, and are apparently still somewhat effective (people are still mailing to them) but they are getting multiple offers to buy their home. It's hard to stand out.

There are some owner-occupied segments with people who share motivating factors for selling their home.

Seniors with Long-time Ownership: often ready to downsize or transition to assistance.

Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores (FSS): Struggling financially and likely ready to cash in on their asset.

Both these categories have additional advantages in that they probably don’t haven’t been updated and may have deferred maintenance. They won’t be expecting the same money as their neighbors with the shiny new kitchen and fresh paint.

I think the biggest way to stand out is to focus on the seller - what is it about you that will make it easier to sell their home to YOU?   rather than use an agent or go to one of your competitors.