Hi all, I am completely new to this and have not even attempted an investment yet, but am eager to learn more and soon get my feet wet. I have a few questions though regarding what the best starting investment is, as someone who has a small bit of money aside (which I'd prefer NOT to use), steady paycheck income, and a family . I have been looking at either land or loan assumptions. With the land, I understand there are a lot of underlying issues to be aware of, such as zoning, wetlands, soil, etc. but with the loan assumptions I can't seem to find a straight answer as to whether it's illegal to NOT notify the lender of the assumption and just draw up the contract with the seller. I've heard of the "don't ask, don't tell" philosophy, but fear legal repercussion if down the road, the seller was to feel they've been slighted. I'm in Connecticut, which is a very tenant friendly place to say the least, and am not looking to go into debt over this venture on the first try. If both of these options are something you would not suggest, please let me know. Another important piece of information is that I had a short sale less than three years ago, and this is my main concern regarding having to legally contact the lender. Any help and/or insight is greatly appreciated; thanks.