Just paid $4000 for 3day workshop. Thumbs up or down?

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@Jeremiah Akindele

I paid $500 for a 3 day workshop and got enough info and ideas that I would say itnwas worth it. I did not buy into the more expensive course and am glad I did not. I stumbled across the Bigger Pockets forums as I was Google searching the course they were selling me and read member suggestions to read library books and listen to podcasts, and that's what I did. I now have two long term rentals and two short term rental properties, and I love it and plan to keep investing. Go educate yourself for free and invest that 40,000 into a property when you learn to analyze deals. You may not want to invest the way the course will have you do it. If you educate yourself you are free to chose the path that works with your goals.

You know I hate to say it but anybody dumb enough to give these groups 40k almost deserves to lose their money . Especially when they come to the end and advise you go to the back tables and talk to the experts on extending your credit card limits to join their platinum program . These people are all professional actors they probably don’t even own real estate . Do you really think that dean grazioso is doing rehabs on beat up houses ? The guy has probably never held a hammer in his life . Same with the rest of them . They are too busy whitening their teeth and brushing their hair to get dirty

@Jeremiah Akindele @Scott Trench posted this on the IG a couple weeks ago:

A good start for new and aspiring real estate investors:

*Listen to 100+ REI Podcasts

*Read 10 books on REI

*Watch 50 videos on difficult concepts

*Network with 15 local investors at coffee

*Interview 5 investor-friendly agents

*Write down exactly what a “good” deal is

*Analyze 25 deals that have SOLD recently

*Analyze 1 current listing/deal per week

*Get pre-approved for a loan

Now go spend $400 on the books and coffee, network and Get Some!

@Jeremiah Akindele

I did the same thing about 10 years ago and I even think I know which group You went with when You quoted the price.

I did learn a lot from that “ hotel conference”

Over the three days. I opted out of the 40k

One on one mentoring program. Hands down the best thing I ever did. As soon as they said put it on your credit card or take a loan, I knew that was not for me.

Here on Bigger Pockets You will get more information from this community than You can get anywhere. How forthcoming and willing this community is available to assist and guide You is amazing.

DO NOT put anyone money on these programs.

Becoming a Pro member on here will benefit You more.

I’ve been on here less than 6 months and what a wealth of knowledge I have gained.

Take whatever money You thought of investing in that part of your education and use it for a down payment on an investment property.

Good luck in You future endeavors.

@Nichole Compton

Man bigger pockets definitely seems like a hidden gemstone because I had never heard of them till of recent and folks like you just make this journey even more realistic with the help and responses I have gotten. Very grateful for your comment and one thing I have learned is to have an attorney on your team so just might be blowing up your inbox very soon Nichole. 😀

@Doug Smith thanks for the info Doug. It’s amazing how many more people can use advise like this. Especially the ones that signed up for the extra training. An older lady with several properties that came to learn more didn’t even show up on day 2 after learning of the extra 40k.

@Blake Mitchell grateful for the info Blake. Just subscribed to both Graham Stephan and Meet Kevin on YouTube. Just by looking at their profiles I am definitely impressed so far. Hell, $400 for a course doesn’t seem a million times as bad as $40 thousand dollars.

@Ola Dantis great info Ola. That’s is an interesting perspective that I never considered. My fear or rather biggest concern is that all these hotel lobby workshops will keep asking for more and more and more with every level of expertise and coaching. Heck my masters degree cost 80k and I am still paying for it till today. So I am willing to pay the price is the value is inevitable not gamble my savings on a guy selling me financial freedom through information I can get on these forums for instance. Great connecting with you.

@Dustin Mathenia hey Dustin great connecting with you as long as you are not a Dallas Cowboys fan lol. Thanks for the information, as a newbie I am definitely impressed with the responses I have gotten from bigger pockets. Wish I knew about it years ago life would be so much different now. Ha.

@Jeremy Wirths I have never been to New Hampshire but this comment deserves a plane ticket to come out and shake your hand lol. Wow wow wow. Amazing post and thanks for sharing. I have already started working on these tips and strategies and will absolutely continue to do so.

Hi @Jeremiah Akindele

I didn't read all the replies, however here is my experience. I went to a "show up for an hour, free course (hotel board room)". While there I signed up for a $100, 3 day workshop. It got me and the wife in (her idea from the beginning). We attended the 3 day course. It had some great info. However once they were talking about to raise our credit limits.... so that it would improve our credit score (we were over 800 each at that point anyway with plenty of lines). Went to day 2 and they had people stand up that got bigger lines of credit and I just sighed..... People with nothing convinced to get 40K worth of credit. 

We did attend the whole 3 days, but I was pretty set as a no (even at their base program of only 19,999). The wife wanted to go all in. I looked up info and spent quite awhile figuring out what to do. I got my license and pulled out 20K and invested with a flipper I knew. The first house was a heck of a learning experience. Didn't make much (like $1400 when all said and done... and 18 months). Spent more hours understanding what I was dealing with than the profit could even get close to covering. But I wasn't paying a 40K loan to be able to learn (and still need to invest more money). I am a firm believer in education, but if you are in a room full of people trying to be "One of the chosen few" I would reconsider. Your results may vary though.

Good Luck in whatever you decide to do. 

@Jeremiah Akindele

Haha even though I live 7 minutes from the stadium I am not a cowboys fan lol. Yea there is a lot of great content on here and most of the time no one is trying to sell it. Have you checked out the podcast ?

Originally posted by @Jeremiah Akindele :

I don’t want to name drop but I paid $4000 for a 3 day workshop and now they want $40,000 more for coaching and mentorship. A friend of mine that has a successful portfolio worth millions advised me not to. He recommend to network as much as possible, study and research and start small and scale up. Your biggest investment is yourself so decided to check out bigger pockets to start my journey.

So curious to see who else has gone through those 3 day workshops in hotel conference rooms and try to sell you more and more things. Or who else has made it without shelling out 80,000 dollars for coaching and mentorship? Please advise.

Save your money. (Don't spend it on $40,000 of coaching - it's just "feel good") as in "Gosh, I must be an investor now, since I've spent so much money on it."


Join a REIA NaitionalREIA.org (Usually $20 per month) Make friends

Take action. Do a Joint Venture with a friend from the REIA and

Buy a house and make money and learn along the way

And Laugh, Laugh, Laugh that you didn't spend $40,000 on "feel good".

@Mike Cumbie thanks for the information Mike. My wife also wanted to go all in. I lost a few pieces of hair that night lol. But I decided to speak with a close family friend that was already a successful investor and he advised otherwise.