Bank Accounts For Properties

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What bank does everyone use for their properties? I am in the middle of changing personal banks and I'd like to be with a bank that allows to open up a new savings account for each property and hopefully earn a little bit on money in interest as well. It would be nice to see everything on one page and move money back and forth.

I am not sure where you are located but here in S. Alabama most of the credit unions automatically open a savings account with every checking account you open. And most only require like $5-$10 to open each account. If you are thinking of implementing Profit First in your business, I'd be glad to share with you a list of Profit First friendly banks all over the U.S. Good Luck!

@Tim Kappel ,

I would highly recommend you check out First Internet Bank.

They take a while to open accounts, but they have some of the highest interest bearing accounts and you can create as many checking and savings accounts as you'd want.

They also have some pretty cool budgeting features - they’re a great bank for setting up Profit First.