Looking for up and coming areas seeing appreciation & contacts

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Hello All,

After a few years break I am ready to jump into the frying pan again, and since I can't invest in CA because of the valuation, I am looking out of state for an up and coming/under valued area. I am thinking of areas that has growth (but is not on fire yet) and prices for either SFH or MFHs that are still affordable (say under 400-500K). I have a contact for AZ, but there must be other areas that are starting to see appreciation but are still affordable and the cash flow numbers work. I am a buy and hold investor, not a flipper unless a deal is too good to walk away from :)

I could also use a local contact to this area who could provide sales for the last 30 days, so I can run the numbers using the rules to thumb BP suggests.  I am creative so open to out of box options as well.  Thanks in advance!


Have you checked out the town of Maricopa in AZ. A lot of people moving there. Cheaper than most places around PHX. Also a lot of new builds going up on the 303 corridor (W side of PHX metro). PHX keeps pushing West so you may want to look into those cities.

Hi @Neil Polehn

I recently bought an out of state, turnkey property in Kansas City! Good appreciation, good rent compared to income, good Cash on Cash and cash flow for me!

If you would like to hear more about my experience with the process, let me know. The link below shares a little bit of the story.

Hope this helps!