Seeking RE/REI mentors!

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I’m a newbie starting a new career path into RE. I have never felt this type of passion or burning desire to succeed in my previous career. Im obsessed with learning as much as I can. I’m in the midst of getting my license and trying to network and build a solid team/foundation around me so I can hit the ground running. Seeking a mentor(s) to help me continue to learn as much as I can and offer any advice within the industry. This is not a desperate plea but one that is genuine and it’s something I’m very passionate about. The future is bright and I can’t wait to get going. Thanks for taking the time to read and hope you have a great week!!

Go to NETWORK at the top of your screen and you can search for other investors and investment groups in your area. You can also check or search facebook for real estate investment groups, clubs, or meetings.

You sound like you have the right mindset to succeed in this, but you still need to form your passion into an action plan. If you want to find a mentor who will give you free advice and guide you, you have to have something of value to them. Maybe it's hustle and deal finding, driving for dollars, gopher work, a background in contracting, a plumbing business, great at deal analysis. Find where your first niche is, offer it for free, get mentored. With your attitude, it won't be hard to find someone at a local REI event if you just ask questions and add value.

@Nathan G. thanks for the input. I’m still learning the benefits of this site and just checked that out and have some great resources in my are. I’ll make sure to get as much use as I can out of that feature!  Have a great week!

@Jonathan Greene very sound advice. As I continue to learn and read more, I am zoning in on my niche and what really motivates me as well as where my added value is. And I'll continue to network and meet with people to gain more confidence, knowledge and value. Hustle and hard work comes natural for me. Ive been doing mock deal analyses in order to get comfortable and find the great deals. Math comes natural to me and that's what REI boils down to. Thanks again and hope you have a great week!!