Any meet ups in Michigan??

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Hello everyone! I'm just getting started in the investment world and have heard multiple experienced investors say something along the lines of how important it is to network and learn from others. I live in Michigan and was wondering if anyone knew of any real estate meet ups or events in the area? Or even possibly virtual groups out there? Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

@Zack Takacs there are meetups in About every medium sized city in Michigan. Depending on where your located depends on where to go. There are free groups and groups that are membership type groups. Let us know where your located and we can help you pin point what is available in your area.

@Zack Takacs #TheNetwork | aka The Michigan Real Estate Investor Network hosts 6 Meetups monthly on Zoom and 3 in person starting again in September.

Here are the subjects fir each meetup:

-Newer Investors

-Detroit Investing

-How To Get Started Wholesaling


-Investors 30 years old and younger

-Plus a bunch more

You can find a link in my bio

Originally posted by @Montez Blackburn :

@Dylan Tanaka okay nice !! Is this a free type of thing or will we have to pay to be apart of this ?

Montez, EVERYTHING the Michigan Real Estate Investor Network offers and hosts is 100% FREE forever.  The Community's only goal is to bring investors together to learn, grow and give back.

@Montez Blackburn if you are looking for a Flint meet up, Midmitten Real estate investors meet once per month at the Ferris Wheel building downtown. Ethan Lavigne heads it up. Super cool guy.