Beginner Real Estate Investor

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Hello All BiggerPockets Members,

I hope you all are doing well. I am really excited to join this platform and I aspire to become a real estate investor. I live in the Atlanta Georgia Metropolitan Area. I am really eager to network and meet like-minded individuals who share similar goals. I’ve been tuned in to Bigger Pockets readings and the podcast episodes. I’ve only been engaged for maybe a month now and have learned so much in that small bit of time.  Im sure that they are around but I really want to attend a  Real Estate meetup. So if you are in the Atlanta Metropolitan area please do not hesitate to update me on the next gathering. My first major purchase has been my newly constructed residential home and I look forward to leveraging what I can with this property for my first investment move. Please follow, connect, etc.with me. I look forward to this new journey and thank you Bigger Pockets for this platform. Stay blessed. 

Hey @Scot Evans , welcome to the BP community!

There were a ton of in-person meetups in Atlanta pre-COVID. They seem to be coming back pretty strong (although I haven't gone to one since COVID). Your best friend for finding these will be and the Events page here on BP. You can also check out the GAREIA & ATLREIA sites. They both have regular meetups. BiggerPockets and Facebook groups are also terrific sources of networking, which have become even more useful throughout COVID. Just talk to everyone you can and don't be afraid to ask questions, but make sure you also invest in your own education so that you're able to have informed discussions.

And, please, feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions or just want to chat!

Hello @Brenden Mitchum ,

Thanks a lot for the advice. I'll look in to the Facebook group now and keep my eyes open on I'll look into GAREIA & ATLREIA, I actually never heard of those sites before. This was very helpful and thanks again. 

Hi @Scot Evans - welcome to BP and super cool to hear about your goals in real estate. I would also recommend networking with real estate agents and lenders so you have an idea of what your options are for purchasing your next property. There are many great real estate agents that are also investors that you can find here on BiggerPockets. 

Wishing you the best and please keep us posted on any new endeavors or accomplishments :)

Hello @Eudith Vacio - Thank you for the warm welcome. I definitely have to keep that in mind. I was not aware that some reason; estate agents are also investors (noted!). I'll do more digging into the matter. I am excited to make my first post of my journey. Thanks a bunch!

Congrats on all of the new steps you're taking, Scot! Where in Atlanta is your new place? I'm in the north metro ATL area as an agent and investor and would love to connect