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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of getting an RE license in CA, mostly to gain access to MLS, but also to learn about different options in RE in case I decide to birddog or wholesale. Can any CA realtors share the fees they have to pay to maintain their license and have access to MLS? I'm curious about these costs.


@Carlos O.It's about $800 per year for the license but you can become an agents clerical assistant and have full mls access for around $300 per year.  Ask an investor friendly agent to help you with that.  Or just get your license.  

Call your local Association of Realtors and MLS they will quote you fees and ongoing costs. It's mighty expensive if all you want is access to mls which is available in many areas in CA free of charge. Not confidential info but basic mls searches. Or many agents websites have non confidential info access simply by signing up on their site.

For MLS Access only my association charges $100 one time application fee and then $82.50/quarter for access. There are also yearly fees to belong to a local association and the CAR and the NAR if you choose to as well. License maintenance involves getting 45 hours of continuing education before your expiration date. I hope this helps.

Carlos here is the link for the Orange County association and for MLS Salesperson only.

@Carlos O. I think the question you should be asking is do I really need s real estate license. I got mine close to 40 years ago but never used it until ten years ago. I used the knowledge I gain to buy, sell, rent and manage the portfolio I purchased in the previous 30 years. I now help and encourage others to do the same. You should be able to find everything you need here on bigger pockets. If you need some help let me know. 

@Joe Homs

At this point, I'm just trying to move up on the learning curve so I'm taking an RE class. I'm interested in becoming part of a wholesale/rehab team in the future and I think having that knowledge would come in handy for numerous reasons. It's true that I can ask questions on BP and learn, but I can't ask about the things that I don't even know about; that's where taking the class and chasing an RE license comes in.

Thanks @Brett Synicky @Christine Lovett for the numbers, this helps some perspective on my RE license venture. I'm still on my first course, so it will be several months before I can even take the exam.

@Carlos O.  how about this?  I am willing to meet with you and discuss your goals, questions and maybe provide you with some direction. Let me know and we can meet for a cup of coffee?

@Joe Homs

  nice offer,,, @Carlos O.

  you should take him up on it.. us RE elders do have some things we can impart on you young guns coming up

Hi Carlos, I'm a realtor here in Orange County. My dues are about 800-900 yearly for the association. If you're looking for anything or have any questions I'd be more then happy to help you out! :)

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