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Has anyone used IXACT contact or Top Producer? I am thinking of using this for my realtor and property management contacts.  I was thinking of using IXACT contact.  Not sure how difficult it is to port over if I dont like it after the 5 week trial period.  I would like to see what someone's experience has been if they have used the product over a period of years.

The Realtor I'm assisting use to use TopProducer. He recently switched to iHOUSE not for CRM purposes but he said the IDX platform was more in depth and worthwhile over TP.

I started using Podio for the CRM part of his business but now I'm starting to look at iHouse and check out what their CRM portion of the system is like.

Thank you for asking this which led me to check out iHouse as a CRM system. 

Have a GREAT evening!


I recommend checking out wise agent. $29.99 per month first month free. Super easy to use and compatible with many lead gen sites and systems. Support is 2nd to none. 

Hey Anil I have not personally used IXACT or Top Producer, but for what it's worth, my office's top team just recently switched to ZAP from ZipRealty after using Top Producer for quite some time. I've been using ZAP for about a month now and I'm still on the fence but I will say that it is good for consistent follow-ups with clients. I'm split about 50/50 between ZAP and the built-in CRM in our MLS system (Paragon).

@Manny Rodriguez   I have heard Top Producer is not that intuitive to use.  Let me know if you like Podio or iHouse better.

@Michael Jobe Do you know how long they were using Top Producer?  

All, I appreciate all the input.  The broker that told me about Docusign which changed my entire business recommended IXACT, which is why I am researching it further.

@Anil Samuel

Only for about a month. I tried using podio and trello and I enjoyed trello but I needed something a bit more real estate specific without having to customize it myself. 

@Anil Samuel

Sorry for the delayed response but I was mistaken. That team had actually been using Market Leader, not Top Producer. However, I asked around my office about IXACT and got some good feedback. Let me know what you decide on and how you like it...I'm interested.

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