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Hi, I am interested in getting my real estate license but I am concerned that I may not have a lot of time for my son or out of town family vacations. Any advice?

Depends on how committed and what you plan on doing in REI. If you only plan on doing a few deals a year I wouldn't bother however if you'll be doing some volume you'll save yourself thousands in commissions. As a rehabber, it's great to get a commission on the buy side.

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It really depends on how much business you want to do.  There are some agents out there that treat it like a part time job. They have a part time income from it and part time hours. Then there are agents that treat it like a full time business so they naturally have to dedicate more time to it. One of the good things about selling real estate is you get to be in control of your time. If you are out of town and have buyers that want to look at a house arrange a head of time with another agent to show properties to your buyers while you are out of town. Same thing if you have a family function and a buyer wants to see property. If they want to put in an offer you can do that anywhere in the world with a computer and the  internet.

It is a question of Schedule and Lead Generation.

I sold 75 deals a year with one assistant, didn't work past 5 and didn't work weekends.  

If you generate, you won't have to tolerate.

Yes... it is possible.  But ONLY if you are willing to bust your anus for it.

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@Tyler Shanks

Do you vacation every weekend?

Frank lol

Thanks everybody for your feedback. I think I've made my decision.

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