Breaking current contract with real estate broker in NYC?

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Is it possible to break a 6 month contract with my current broker? I listed my multi family with her in August and she has only brought one person to see the house since then. She wrote a very vague description of the house and I had to speak with her multiple times to edit it. She also took horrible photos with her cell phone that doesn’t even depict how great the house is. The house is competively priced to comparables.

I am located in Queens near the border of Bushwick & Williamsburg. If you know that I can get out of this contract and believe you can get this house sold please message me ASAP.


Account Closed

Yes. You can send her a message in writing (email) that you want to withdraw your listing with an immediate release. And then also call her office to say the same thing. Otherwise, she might try to drag it on, or do a withdrawal without a release so you would still be obligated to pay her a commission until the 6 months are over.

@Account Closed I understand that the listing agent did a crappy job, but my 0.2 is that if it would have been priced a bit better then no investor would look if the pics are nice, because that area is on fire.

@Christopher Phillips

Great thanks!

Why would you use an agent that does not use professional photography?  If you are able to get out of your might think about using @Darren Sager as your agent.


I agree but one issue was that the agent listed it as a multi family without describing that it was a 4 family with a finished basement. I showed it to a few people who said they would have assumed it was a 2 family.

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