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Are there any freelance or part-time jobs a new real estate agent can align him/her self with to take the edge off of their financial responsibilities while starting out? Should a new agent in a smaller Nebraskan city be worried about losing "face" if seen working at other companies while building their career? I'm committed to real estate and willing to hustle, but surviving first is a priority.

Great question Gregory. I wonder this too as I am currently working on the transition from full-time corporate/part-time agent to full-time agent.

Something that you are good at that enhances your strength as an agent? Photography, woodworking/carpentry, digital marketing, community service type organization that expands your network with clients and city officials. Just a few thoughts. Curious to hear what others think.


A good side hustle can help your real estate business.  I threw a newspaper route for about three years when I started real estate.  Managed a couple of listings and a buyer out of that hustle, plush cash and tips. I also taught business classes at night for a private college.  That meant I worked from about 330am to 10pm.

My schedule was 3:30 to 7:00 newspaper route, breakfast and Shower. 730 at office work until lunch. After lunch, work until 5pm or so. I taught from about 530 to 930 and was home by 10pm. Weekends were a bit shorter since I didn't show/call after about 6 or 7pm. I did mostly corporate/REO business with private sellers / buyers mixed in. That schedule worked well for me, since my corporate clients were 9 to 5.

The more time you can spend on your main real estate business,  the faster it will grow. Being a strictly part time agent is a tough way to go. It's too easy to go for the cash, since the business is hard and cashflow is uneven. 

Good luck!


A great side gig that I have found is to referee/officiate sports. There is a great need for officials everywhere, especially in small towns. This is a job that all different types of people do rich/poor and young/old. You will be driving around towns so you can familiarize yourself with areas and see places that maybe worth investing in or properties to pick up. Also, you will meet a plethora of people that maybe buying real estate in the near future. These people include other officials, coaches, parents and teachers. Best of luck!

There are lots of part-time agents

My experience with part-time sales agents is what drove me to want to become an agent myself. Agents are paid for their knowledge and experience throughout the process of the transaction and when you are unable to explain sections of the contract the client gets nervous and starts putting up walls, I know I did. 

Currently working on the 180 hours of training before taking the national and state exam I have been asking myself how I could tie in an additional revenue stream to help pay the monthly bills while getting started which would still aid in helping me work toward my primary goals. 

This is what I came up with ---> UBER DRIVER!! While driving for Uber I am still an independent contractor (Able to work as much or as little as I need) and get to learn the roads, properties, banks, grocery stores, restaurants,  neighborhoods, Schools, and best of all add contacts (Leads) to my database while doing it.

Thoughts and Opinions welcomed.

There are a lot of part-time agents. There are also a lot of unsuccessful agents! If you work at a business part-time, the best you'll ever find is part-time success.

Work real estate full-time. Take on a part-time job, volunteer, or network through civic activities to build your business.

@Gregory Gentert

Create a schedule. See where you can add additional income while learning the ropes as a new agent. 

I know this isn't the solution as an agent, but have you considered investing? I see lots of agents struggle to make money. I see investors making LOTS of money. Some are agents and some are not. 

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