Looking for motivated agent in Minneapolis Area

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Hi I’m looking for a motivated agent in the Minneapolis area. My brother and I are trying to get our second flip and need an agent that’s not afraid to offer well below asking price as well as multiple offers per week. Bringing us properties is also a plus. All of our offers will make sense for what we do so they won’t be made up numbers just to piss off the sellers. Thanks in advance.

I’m here for ya man! I love helping people get deals and am not afraid to make offers. I also come across off market stuff all the time.

We would happy to help you with this. I wish more investors would put bids in rather than pass on properties. Sometimes those “lowball” bids end up being accepted. We don’t worry about offending if we are bidding at a level where it is profitable.

Either @Jordan Moorhead or myself would be be able to help you and are active on the BP forums.