Best Website or Program to get Real Estate License in MN?

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I am starting out, and would like to get my real estate license before completing my first deal. Anyone have suggestions as to the best way to get licensed in MN?


I used Real Estate Express but used continuing ed express for the pre test and liked them a lot more. Probably best to go with them from the beginning.

@Preston Blake

I preferred the in-person classroom experience (plus networking with the teachers and other soon-to-be agents) so I went with Kaplan.

The course took 3 weeks (90 hours of training) but you can take the test after 30-35 hours, but you still have to reach the minimum number of education hours before you're good to go.

I would recommend taking the first course in person. That is the information on the licensure tests and you can take the tests after that course. Then, take the last two online so you can do them as you have time. Also, I highly recommend the test prep course. VERY helpful. Also make sure to take the test right after that course! There is a lot of information and best to test when it is fresh in your mind. I used Kaplan and was very happy with the instructors. 

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