Book recommendations for agents?

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I have a few deals under my belt, but I am looking to increase my business.  Anyone have any b

Gary Williams, owner of Keller Williams, has two great books: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and The Millionaire Real Estate Investor. They are different but both have processes proven to increase your business/wealth.

David Green (from the podcast) is also supposed to be writing a book for agents and he's a realtor for Keller Williams too. I just signed up as a KW agent this week and started reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent that Nathan is recommending. It's the first book they give all thier agents.

A must-read - MREA- Millionaire Real Estate Agent - it outlines the systems for success in your RE business.  You'll learn these if you are a KW agent, and non KW realtors are welcome to many of their trainings as well.