First listing, ideas to sell?

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Hi everyone,

So I got my first listing, I'm in NYC, and the property is in Newburgh, NY, I've teamed up with a realtor over there to show the property and to also help locate a buyer. But basically the seller reached out to me through a facebook group, he's a flipper, he finished this property and I asked if I could help him sell it, he agreed, we signed some paperwork, and now it's day 2 or 3. He's only given me 30 days because beyond that he's losing money on the property. He doesn't want it listed on the MLS because he is refinancing. Any ideas to help me sell it? This is my first listing...

@Christopher Sparacino . So what happens in 30 days if you don't sell? I gotta say the possibility that you succeed in 30 days without using the MLS seems highly unlikely as a first listing.

My gut says you should have avoided taking this listing...

I’ll tag @Russell Brazil . He sells a lot of real estate.

30 days and he doesnt want it on the MLS? That owner is not a seller. He is wasting your time.

I agree 100% with @Russell Brazil . Any seller who gives you a 30-day sale window and knows you aren't even in the area is just wasting your time and his or hers. Also, any seller who has completed a flip and does not want to sell on the MLS is nuts. They will make WAY less off-market when a property is done. That is the exact time you go on-market. Not much of this makes sense. I would send a termination and wash your hands of it. This is NOT the type of first listing you want. Your best bet would be to convince him to use a local agent and send it to that agent to run and take a 25% referral.

Hi Christopher,

I have to agree with the other people who have responded on here, asking you to sell a home without listing it on the MLS is like saying 'I need you to drive me to South Dakota, here's a car but you're not allowed to put gas in it.'

So while it's not impossible (I think Craigslist is what I would be looking at, as long as your brokerage is OK with that), it sure takes nearly all the wind out of the sails, seeing as the public search sites pull from the MLS feed, so essentially that's how both the public and agents typically find homes.

No matter what happens with this, my recommendation is to not look at this as a listing experience, it won't be anything like what you'll be doing in the future.

Listing a home with expertise is more about accurate pricing, pre-listing preparation that maximizes the home's value before it gets listed, great photos, and marketing remarks that get people excited about coming to see it.

Any drop in positive exposure will often equate to some kind of drop in sales price, in my opinion. So I understand the reason he's not putting it on the MLS, but I believe there is a trade-off for him as well.

Either way good luck, and if you feel like posting on here in a month I'd be interested to hear how it went.