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Originally posted by @Jeremy Gates :

I’m doing a bunch of elearning from my agency... what do I do after? How does one real estate?

The simplest way to explain it: know your market and know people.

Study the market. How many homes are listed? How many went under contract? How many closed? What's the average days on market? What's your attrition rate? What's the average sales price? Who's buying or selling? You need to figure out what a GOOD agent would know and then find that information and study it every day.

Once you have a decent grip on the market, then you go out and meet people. Let everyone you meet know that you sell real estate. When they ask, "How is the market?" you will be able to answer them intelligently with real facts and figures instead of "it's a strong market" like 90% of all agents do. Get involved in volunteer groups, join a board, attend sporting events, go to business open-houses, etc. There's no magic formula: people tend to buy/sell with the agent that happens to be on their mind at the moment they decide to buy/sell. Your job is to get in front of them and stay in front of them so they'll choose you when the time comes. It helps if you actually know what you're talking about, as mentioned in the first paragraph. 

You should read "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" by Gary Keller. That book lays out the steps for you to be successful. Good luck getting started!

@Jeremy Gates real estate is just a sales/lead gen/relationship business. Best thing you can do is find an agent who has figured out how to buy leads and has too many leads to deal with. Then get those leads and learn from the experienced agent. After they help you through your first few deals, you’ll be ready to go kill it on your own