Best Real Estate Agent Books for New Agents

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Never split the difference - Chris Voss, great negotiations book

Bluefish - Steve Sims, awesome relationship building

I hear Ryan Serhants books are great too, as well as his courses. 

@Hai Loc I've been recommended this book once already so it is good to see it again! Thank you!

@Kirbi Campbell How could I forget the great David Greene! Thank you! I will definitely check out all 3 books.

@Spence Kal Awesome man! I appreciate the recommendations. I actually just started following Ryan Serhant on IG and subscribed to him on Youtube. Hopefully he helps me get to the level good enough to be on Million Dollar Listing

@Mason Hickman Gary Keller again! I am getting in my car right now. Barnes and Noble, here I come! lol Thanks for the recs I will check them both out