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Hello all! My name is Ryan and I recently passed my Real Estate Salesperson exam in Iowa, and I will begin my career in the Southwest Iowa region (Omaha NE, Council Bluffs, IA area).

I was just looking for some advice from others on what I should focus most heavily on in my first few months. Is there anything anyone has on what they learned when they first got started or what they wished they would have worked on more (or less).

Any other general tips and advice is always welcome as well. If anyone is in my area and would like to connect I would love to meet up and talk!

Thanks everyone!

@Ryan Gochenour tough to say, answer depend heavily on you.   I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you an answer without knowing a bit more about you and what you are looking to do.  Whats your goals with real estate license?  and if you are planning to work with investors do you invest yourself?

Read "Sold" by David Greene. You have to set yourself up to operate like a business because nobody is going to do it for you.

wearing name tag. Hand out cards to everyone you meet, including complete strangers in a checkout line, and let them know you are ready to work your tail off for them. Make a list of 50 people that know, like, and trust you. Meet with them face to face and just improve your relationship over the first 3 months. If face-to-face meetings are not possible, call them. On month 4, end your conversation by asking them to refer people to you for buying or selling. Do this every month for the remainder of the year and you should get an average of one referral per person. For anyone that did not provide you a referral in the first year, remove them from the list and replace them with someone else. Rinse and repeat.

just a few thoughts.

Hey Ryan-welcome to the real estate world!

Shawn (the other one) and Nathan had some good points. I'll piggy back on some of their comments. The first few months can be very tough. It will feel uncomfortable, but you need push through

The best advice I can possibly give (and this might sound weird) is to give up the sensation of feeling embarrassed.

You'll need to really put yourself out there. You need to ask people you love and trust for their business or to help refer you new business. You need to strike up conversations with strangers if you overhear someone say they are looking for a realtor. You need to knock on doors in neighborhoods where houses are flying off the shelves.

The other big piece of advice is to follow up.

I own a transaction coordination company, but my wife and I are investors also. I'm constantly on the phone with realtors to talk about properties we are interested in.

I can't tell you the number of agents (who paid for my lead on Zillow!) who promise to send me more information about an area but didn't follow up. My wife and I were actually talking yesterday about an agent who lost a commission with us because of this. She never sent us the info she said she would, so we called someone else. That second agent got the commission

Hope this helps and congrats again-welcome to real estate!

@Ryan Gochenour a la Robert Kiyosaki, "work to learn instead of work to earn". Find a broker you can work under who is doing what you want to do... whether thats an agent who is a one person show or runs a team that generates $1,000,000 per year in GCI. 

When I got my license I signed on with a couple that was doing a lot of multi-family investment deals and they owned a property management company.

I chose this brokerage because my goal is to have a portfolio of income producing assets. I jumped at the opportunity to learn the multi family transaction world with them and am very happy I did so. I gave up a major portion of my commissions to be with them and it was worth every penny!

And to reiterate what @Sean O'Dowd said, become a master of asking questions... ESPECIALLY the ones that you think are dumb and/or make you feel dumb. If you don't ask these questions they will come back to bite you later... and then you will look incompetent and will lose trust with people.