I NEED HELP! Buying duplex in Sacramento

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Going to keep it short. An owner of of a duplex (Both sides 1 bed/1 bath) in Sacramento is willing to sell his property to me ($475,000) in the next two months. I have nothing right now for a down payment, I'd need about 20%-30% as a down payment. Private lenders? Family? Hard money? Partnerships? How can I get a down payment for this property in the next 2-4 weeks?

Originally posted by @Omar Barker : Thank you , I've partnered with family with raising funds and we're waiting to hear back from the seller with our offer. 

@Michael Williams a joint venture partnership would work. Or hard money, flip and relist. Or wholesale it. Are both sides rented? I'm in Sac and can chat over it if you want.

Marko Rubel
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