Looking for a GC in Los Angeles CA

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Hi There, Im new to Bigger Pockets but I have been investing for a while. I am originially from NY and I currently live in LA! I'm looking to purchase a few multi family properties in LA or Single families on a large lot with an ADU or option to build. Most of the properties I see require some sort of work. Does anyone have a reliable contractor that they are willing to share. I have a property in sight and it would be nice to have somewhat solid numbers on the rehab.

@Lauryen Valentino  

I would put the deal in contract and then look for a contractor. Contractors are not going to like, or at least some won't waste time giving quotes to someone who isn't even in contract on a property. It's like a big what-if situation. There is a reason you have an inspection period/ due diligence period it's to figure all these things out. Put it in contract and figure it out once you lock it up.

@Patrick Drury , that makes total sense.  I appreciate your feedback.  I'm Type A and I always want to know every detail upfront.  I've been investing in real estate for a while and often become frustrated with the process and I end up trying to control everything.    I am now learning to relax a little and understand everything has a process.  You just solidified that for me.  I appreciate you!