We're HIRING: BiggerPockets is Looking for an Amazing Content Creator

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I'm looking to clone myself.

But, I've been told that my cloning machine violates some ethical boundaries. Something about a "soul." Whatever. I'll sell my cloning machine on eBay. 

So, I'm looking to clone myself instead by finding someone who can do what I do here on BiggerPockets. Maybe someone who can do it better than me. 

We're looking for a "content" person. 

In other words, BiggerPockets is hiring for someone who can write blog posts (lots of em.) Someone who can make YouTube videos (like this.) Someone with a personality, with technology skills, and someone who can write like they are getting paid for it... cause they would be.

This is a full time position here at BiggerPockets, though you do not need to work in Denver. (Though, it would be helpful.)

If this is you... here's what you need to do.

  1. 1.) Show us your writing skills. Post an amazing blog post in the Member Blog area.
  2. 2.) Make a YouTube video and embed it in that Member Blog Post. Talk about whatever your post is about. 
  3. 3.) Send an email to [email protected] with your name, your real estate experience, your favorite book name, and the url for the Member Blog post.

Yes, this is an audition. To be my clone. We will be hiring someone... will it be you? 

Only if I could write at the output level you can...  and grow a beard like you, and have as many cats as you.....  :-p

How am I going to get my Brandon fix?? How about Ben Leybovich? Doesn't he do everything better than you ; )

Not everything, @Kim Handelman . There's one thing Brandon Turner does better than me...but we can't talk about it here...

Oh my...without Ben Leybovich, BiggerPockets would be one hell of a dull place!


Brandon, were you talking to me? You'd have to go through my gatekeeper, he's an IT specialist. Thinking about talking to Brad Pitt about doing my videos, he has experience in front of cameras. You know, Brad has done several RE projects.... 

Down side of not working at the office:

No free coffee, no morning doughnuts, no office lunch on Fridays, no 5:00 PM beer in the fridge and can't make free photocopies sitting on the copier.

The upside:

No task master cat looking over your shoulder all day, no fur-balls on your keyboard, you won't get hit on for favors by other employees and you can keep your own health insurance plan.

Gosh, I hope they know something about real estate!  :) 

If you can offer 47 weeks of paid vacation I will consider it.

Lol @Anson Young that was hilarious. @Brandon Turner does this mean we will be seeing and hearing less from you? Your content is great and I would hate to see you go. I would hope you will still be doing the podcasts and the webinars though. I agree as well that @Ben Leybovich would fit that suit well, he has great content on his newsletter and site, but just as long as we don't have to hear you guys fight about "Waldo" then we're good with that lol.

no less from me... Just more epic content! That's the goal :)

My idea is this: Some great woman REI, beauty and brains, too many guys here on BP :)

I agree with @Brian Gibbons , granted seeing as though I'm a woman, I'm a little biased...

What a cool opportunity!  If I didn't enjoy my "day job" as an agent so much, I'd apply in a heartbeat.   I hope that someone already active on the site gets the gig!  

Guys - We are looking for the best of the best.... we're excited to see the candidates come in.


I have so much content (over 100 training videos) on my laptop as I give training to my people twice a week. But should I divulge our secrets? ;-)

My thinking:   So there is going to be more folks creating content!  means more things to view, and more users simultaneously on the site.  Which then demands someone to improve site performance.  Sooo.. when you guys get there :), ping @ me! Lol. No I'm serious. 

@Naveen Desai - We've been working on that for the past 2 weeks; our infrastructure is now in a place where we can move forward and continue our growth with what we believe will be relatively few bumps in the road to come.

What is the deadline to apply for this job?

Account Closed - he is flat out bored! Talked to him 3 times yesterday, and he was napping 2 out of 3. Wow!

@Michael Noto - The deadline will be when we hire the right person. There isn't a time limit here - we're looking for the best candidate possible.

Originally posted by @Ben Leybovich :

@Wendell De Guzman - you are a guru wanna-be - you're out.

And I am a mini-guru, as coined by Josh, so there is not a chance in hell for me...Besides, I think this is a position that report to Brandon.  Ya'all - I can't lower my standards like that - I can't be under @Brandon Turner  ; in front -  yes, on top - may be, but not under...

I nominate @Serge S. - he is flat out bored! Talked to him 3 times yesterday, and he was napping 2 out of 3. Wow!

 Darn it Ben! A "mini-guru" surely beats a "guru-wanna-be" (lol).

Maybe we can nominate an "anti-guru" like @Bill G. 


What's the pay & benefits?

Big Henry

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